Duchess Kate spotted shopping with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in London

By Zach Harper

Duchess Kate spotted shopping with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in London

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have headed back to school after their Easter break, and they were recently spotted out in London with mom Duchess Kate, picking up supplies!

The Duchess of Cambridge took her two eldest children to the Chelsea location of Smiggle on Kings Road, according to HELLO! UK. Smiggle is known for its bright bags, stationery and cool school supplies and toys.

In typical down-to-earth style, George and Charlotte both had been given their own money for the outing and had been told they needed to stick to a budget, according to Alexa, who works at Smiggle and tweeted about her team's interactions with Kate.

"What the team told me about how [Kate] was with them and how the kids were with each other makes me like her even more!" Alexa wrote.

"I wasn't there, but she talked to my team, the kids had a budget that they stuck to and paid for their own things with their own money. Just normal, well-brought up children and a normal parent trying to do the right thing and that's just lovely!"

Kate and the Cambridges are known for their very normal shopping habits and are often seen out in both London and King's Lynn, England, near their country home of Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

Last year, the duchess was seen with all three children at Sainsbury's in King's Lynn, and Kate Carter, who saw them at the time, also commented on how "well behaved" the kids were.

"[Charlotte] was just having a little bit of a walk around," she said. "They were looking at the clothes when I saw them. Charlotte was looking at the dresses; she was dead cute."

The previous fall, Kate and the kids were seen at the same store, shopping for Halloween costumes. Even more surprising was the mom of three paid for them using a self-checkout.

Kate has also been known to do the family's grocery shopping on her own. She is sometimes seen at the Waitrose in King's Lynn, and when the family lived in Wales, people sometimes saw her at the Tesco in Holyhead.

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It shouldn't really be surprising that Kate likes to get out and browse in the stores. She and Prince William have always been dedicated to making sure their three children have as normal a life as possible. Kate obviously wasn't brought up royal, but William's late mother, Princess Diana, also made sure he and Prince Harry did some of the same things other children, like going to McDonald's, going on rides at amusement parks and more.

Princess Diana is seen at the Alton Towers theme park in England with Prince William and Prince Harry in 1990. Photo: © Mathieu Polak/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

George and Charlotte returned to classes at St Thomas's Battersea on April 20. None of the Cambridge children were at Prince Philip's funeral on April 17, nor were their Phillips or Tindall cousins. Archie also did not attend, as he remained in the United States with Duchess Meghan, who is pregnant with her and Harry's second child, a daughter, and was advised by her doctor not to travel at this time.

Only 30 guests were invited to Philip's funeral at St George's Chapel in Windsor, and it's also thought the Cambridge, Tindall and Phillips children were considered too young for the event.

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