Duchess Meghan says she called the Queen after Prince Philip was hospitalized

By Zach Harper

Duchess Meghan says she called the Queen after Prince Philip was hospitalized

In February, Prince Philip was admitted to King Edward VII hospital as a "precautionary measure" after feeling unwell. The Duke of Edinburgh is still in hospital after undergoing a procedure for a pre-existing heart condition at St Bartholomew's in London and then returning to King Edward VII.

Part of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey was filmed the day Philip was hospitalized, and the Duchess of Sussex revealed she called her British relatives as soon as she heard.

"This morning, I woke up earlier than H, and saw a note from someone on our team in the UK saying that the Duke of Edinburgh had gone to the hospital," Meghan said to Oprah. "But I just picked up the phone and I called the Queen just to check in."

In the same interview, Meghan also revealed Her Majesty's kindness to her after she joined the Royal Family. The monarch has been a huge source of guidance and welcome for many people who have married into the family, including the duchess.

Meghan and the Queen at their first joint engagement in 2018. Photo: © Getty Images

"The Queen... has always been wonderful to me," the 39-year-old shared, thinking back to the time the two travelled to Mersey Gateway Bridge in Widnes, Cheshire for their first joint royal engagement in 2018. The two took the Royal Train to their destination and were spotted laughing and greatly enjoying each other's company during their day out.

Meghan also revealed that earlier the same day, the two had enjoyed breakfast and the Queen also presented her with a "beautiful gift."

"I just really loved being in her company, and I remember we were in the car and she gave me some beautiful pearl earrings and a matching necklace," recalled Meghan.

The soon-to-be mom of two also shared an anecdote about how the Queen offered to share her blanket with her on a nippy day.

"She has a blanket that sits across her knees for warmth and it was chilly and she was like, 'Meghan, come on,' and [she] put it over my knees as well," the duchess said about the monarch's sweet and familial gesture.

"It made me think of my grandmother, where she's always been warm and inviting and really welcoming."

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