'We are linked, not ranked': Duchess Meghan and Gloria Steinem's important message

By Heather Cichowski

'We are linked, not ranked': Duchess Meghan and Gloria Steinem's important message

Duchess Meghan and Gloria Steinem sat down recently for a very special "backyard chat" from Makers.

The full Q&A was shared on Aug. 26 and sees the two women covering a range of important topics including representation, women's rights and equality. The duchess also received special gifts from the 86-year-old which highlighted some important points.

Gloria gave Meghan bracelets featuring the motto "Linked, not ranked." She referenced the special pieces of jewelry while the women discussed equal rights and the idea of not waiting in a "supplicant" way for someone to give them. The feminist and activist also talked about balance and circularity, including in Native American cultures.

"It was about a circular idea of consensus, circles of consensus going up rather than hierarchy, which is the source of the linked not ranked," she stated, adding it was the "shortest way" they've found to describe their goal.

"It means everything to me on every level; we are linked, not ranked," replied Meghan.

Gloria was pleased to hear the concept really resonated with Meghan.

"And I thank you for understanding that rank is less important than being linked," she praised. "That’s a big thing."

The Makers Q&A between the Duchess of Sussex and Gloria also saw them chat about feminism, voting and taking action.

Makers' mission is about "accelerating the women’s movement through stories of real-life experiences that ignite passion and action." The organization first teased the conversation between Gloria and Meghan on Aug. 25 via their Twitter before the written Q&A was released the following day.

It also included a video which showed the mom of one and 86-year-old sitting opposite each other in wooden chairs with a wooden table between them. There were lush trees in the background and a wooden building.

It hasn't been confirmed where the video was shot, but fans think it could be the backyard of Prince Harry and Meghan's new home in Santa Barbara, which they moved into in July. The fact that Meghan and Harry's dogs, Guy and Pula, wandered into the shot at one point and made themselves comfortablemade fans even more sure it was shot at home!

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Meghan sported a short-sleeved white top, Anine Bing pinstripe trousers and Stella McCartney sandals, according to HELLO! UK. Her dark hair was parted down the centre and styled in soft waves.

Prior to Gloria and Meghan's special chat, the duchess appeared in a video call for the When All Women Vote Couch Party. She spoke about the importance of voting and how it affects the community as a whole, including future generations.

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