Princess Margaret's grandson Arthur Chatto completes rowing around Britain for charity after 42 days

By Heather Cichowski

Princess Margaret's grandson Arthur Chatto completes rowing around Britain for charity after 42 days

They did it! After over 42 days, Arthur Chatto and his Exe Endurow team, Charles Bromhead, Harry Lidgleyand and Oliver Dawe-Lane, finished rowing around Great Britain.

Princess Margaret's grandson and his three university friends embarked on the charity rowing endeavour from Tower Bridge in London on July 5. Their goal was to raise money for the British Red Cross' COVID-19 response and for Just One Ocean, a charity which campaigns against plastic pollution in oceans.

"We are thrilled to announce we finished the GB Row under tower bridge in 42 days 8hrs 23 mins 16 seconds and became the Youngest team ever to row around Great Britain," Arthur wrote on his Instagram. "It was an amazing moment and made it all worth it."

The team celebrated their arrival back in London by jumping in the River Thames!

"Perfect way to finish, jumping into the Thames and celebrating with family," the 21-year-old fitness trainer wrote on Instagram, as he shared the video.

Arthur and the rest of the team were also greeted by cheering friends and family. Mom Lady Sarah Chatto embraced him after he got out of the team's boat. Dad Daniel Chatto and girlfriend Lizzie Friend also gave Arthur and the rest of the team a warm reception. They waved and snapped photos as they completed their journey.

Arthur's family and friends greeted him at St. Katharine Docks, including Samuel Chatto, Lady Sarah Chatto, girlfriend Lizzie Friend and Daniel Chatto. Photo: © Shutterstock

"What. A. Feeling. We’re done!!!" Exe Endurow wrote on the team's Instagram. "1820 miles in 42 days 8 hours 23 minutes and 16 seconds, and after battling just about every hazard and adverse condition that Britain could throw at us, we’ve made it back to Tower Bridge in London and have completed our circumnavigation of the UK mainland, becoming the record holders for the youngest team ever to do so."

The team had been documenting their entire journey on Instagram and explained how the weather affected it.

"Because of the weather, we’ve finished about two weeks later than we’d hoped, and had to work so hard to make every mile," they said.

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They also encouraged everyone who is able to donate through their JustGiving page. The money raised will be split equally between the British Red Cross and Just One Ocean.

"Huge thanks to everyone that’s already donated," they stated. "We’ve raised over £20,000 so far, let’s keep it going!!"

Exe Endurow has the goal of raising approximately $256,922 for their chosen charities. Their other aim was "to become the youngest team to ever row non-stop unsupported around the UK," and they succeeded in becoming the youngest team to complete it!

It's all the more impressive considering the group described themselves as "four students with no previous rowing experience taking on a challenge that has only ever seen 14 successful finishers."

The group ended their post, "Now time for a shower, and an uninterrupted night’s sleep."

Arthur embraced mom Lady Sarah Chatto after the race. Photo: © Shutterstock

Arthur and his teammates took precautions in light of the coronavirus, including isolating together before they began their journey.

"We are unbelievably proud to be supporting the British Red Cross COVID-19 response and Just One Ocean, committed to protecting our oceans for future generations," Exe Endurow said at the start of their journey.

Congratulations to the team for completing the race!

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