Duchess Meghan's wedding dress designer, Clare Waight Keller, on making the gown: 'All the pieces of that story came together'

By Heather Cichowski

Duchess Meghan's wedding dress designer, Clare Waight Keller, on making the gown: 'All the pieces of that story came together'

It's been nearly two years since Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry got married in a fairytale royal wedding at St. George's Chapel in Windsor. Ahead of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's second wedding anniversary on May 19, Meghan's wedding dress designer, Clare Waight Keller, has opened up about the design process and the lead-up to the special day.

Clare, who recently announced she would be leaving her position of artistic director at Givenchy after three years, uploaded a series of iconic photos from the Sussexes' nuptials and of Meghan's wedding gown to Instagram as she reflected on the time.

"The Royal Wedding Dress - Two years ago today I was in the final fittings for a very secret dress," the British designer began.

"So many emotions were running through me during those months leading up to the big day."

Meghan was truly a radiant bride on her wedding day at Windsor Castle! Photo: © Jane Barlow - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Clare discussed what it was like to design a wedding dress as a fashion designer as well as a female artist.

"A wedding dress is one of the most exquisite and beautiful moments for a designer, but also personally as an woman artist, creator there is a lot of sensitivity that flows through the process from the knowledge and understanding of the feelings that you have as a bride," she wrote.

The talented designer also shared how she designed her own wedding gown, when she wed American architect Philip Keller.

"It's a unique point of view when you have been through it yourself, as I did at my wedding to my beloved husband 20 years ago, you remember every moment so clearly and realize the significance of every detail and decision.

"In so many ways you are capturing dreams, that as a girl and as you become a woman you will have been thinking about for years."

PHOTOS: Duchess Meghan's best Givenchy style moments

"Learning to let go of my emotions and embrace the feelings of someone you are designing for brings about an incredibly beautiful relationship of trust and intimacy," revealed Clare.

She continued to explain how the design process with Meghan was a collaborative affair with "hours" of research, conversations and meetings. Clare also revealed the two "guiding principles" for the Givenchy wedding gown: purity and simplicity.

"Through hours of conversation, meetings together, and research, slowly all the pieces of that story came together," she explained.

"Purity and simplicity were the guiding principles, a narrative of nature through the 53 florals of the Commonwealth to bring the world into the journey of the ceremony and subtlety bringing the lines of Givenchy and the history of the Maison to capture the classical timeless beauty I knew she wanted to achieve."

What a moment! The iconic photo of Duchess Meghan entering St. George's Chapel with her two pageboys, Jessica Mulroney's twins, Brian and John Mulroney, holding up her long veil. Photo: © Jane Barlow - WPA Pool/Getty Images

"It was obvious the significance of this occasion was more than any other, it would be a very personal ceremony with so many choices that would reflect both the bride and groom's heritage and their unique way of being incredibly inclusive, genuine and generous," she finished.

Her included photos represent those moments from the wedding day.

Earlier, Kensington Palace reported the Duchess of Sussex chose to collaborate with Clare and Givenchy on her wedding dress because of the artistic director's "timeless and elegant aesthetic, impeccable tailoring and relaxed demeanour."

Meghan herself later explained her choice of wedding dress and designer.

"I wanted a female designer, that was very important," she said. "I wanted a British designer because I wanted to embrace my new home in a way. I wanted something that felt reflective of the world in a way."

Royal fans will agree Meghan's finished Givenchy gown was an elegant and timeless masterpiece. The refined wedding dress boasted a wide boat neck and three-quarter sleeves.

She accessorized with a Givenchy veil, Givenchy silk duchess satin heels and Queen Mary's diamond bandeau tiara, which was borrowed from the Queen.

Meghan and Harry's nuptials have also been a point of interest lately because the couple revealed they would donate £90,000 (about $158,000) to Feeding Britain to support vulnerable children and their families with food during the coronavirus pandemic. The money was generated through "excess profits" from the BBC broadcast of their 2018 wedding, according to Town & Country.

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