Duchess Kate and Prince William's down-to-earth moment during their royal tour of Ireland

By Zach Harper

Duchess Kate and Prince William's down-to-earth moment during their royal tour of Ireland

A group of lucky people in Howth, Ireland can say they spoke with the future King and Queen Consort after Duchess Kate and Prince William stopped and chatted with them on March 4.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were out for a special walk in Howth, a suburb of Dublin, during their royal tour of the country. Being great believers in nature's power to improve mental health and reconnect with oneself and others, it's no wonder they took a brief breather from their packed day of engagements to take in the spectacular Irish coast. Howth has an amazing view across the Irish Sea, and they were lucky to experience it with no wind and sunshine!

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While on their stroll, the couple paused to say hi to some people who had gathered to catch a glimpse of them. The sweet moment was captured on video and shared on Twitter.

"Do you all live here?" Kate asked, and received a chorus of yesses.

"It's stunning," she continued. "Thank you for coming to say 'Hi.' It's amazing. It's such a great day to come and see the view."

William then said he and his wife, who celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary next month, wanted to get some "fresh air."

The fans then asked if he and Kate were enjoying their time on the Emerald Isle.

"We are loving it, thank you," she replied. "We are going to Galway tomorrow. Apparently it's raining."

William and Kate were seen with their arms around each other while at the top of Howth's cliff in a very lovely moment. Photo: © Tim Rooke/Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

One person in the group then asked William if he'd had a pint of Guinness yet and he said no.

"I've had two sips so far," he cheekily responded. "Every time [I'm about to] have a third, it gets taken away from me! I'll finish a pint by the time I leave."

William gave a toast at the Guinness Storehouse on March 3. Sláinte! Photo: © PAUL FAITH/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

William and Kate arrived in Ireland on March 3 and spent their first day meeting with Ireland's President Michael D. Higgins and Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar before attending a special reception at the Guinness Storehouse's Gravity Bar.

March 4 saw them attend five different engagements, beginning their day at a mental health centre and a residential facility for youth run by a social justice centre. From there, they stepped out to a research farm in Carlow, where they learned about how Ireland is using sustainable farming to help the environment. They then travelled to Howth, where they met with representatives from the Marine Institute to learn about their own environmental work. took their walk in Howth and ended their day with another reception in Dublin. This time it was at the Museum of Literature Ireland, and saw William give a stirring speech about the work Ireland and the United Kingdom have done on their relationship and how they've worked to heal their "troubled past."

The couple's tour concludes March 5.

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