Duchess Kate's family shows support for her '5 big questions on the under 5s' survey

By Heather Cichowski

Duchess Kate's family shows support for her '5 big questions on the under 5s' survey

Duchess Kate has been busy promoting her "5 big questions on the under 5s" survey, which encourages UK parents to share their opinions on how the next generation should be raised. People have until Feb. 21 to complete the survey, and Kate's family, including mom Carole Middleton and brother James Middleton, are encouraging people on social media to sound off while they still can.

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On Feb. 20, James took a break from his tradition of posting about his dogs on Instagram to support his elder sister's survey.

"This isn't a post about dogs...brace yourselves...." he joked. "BUT it's in huge support of my wonderful Sister’s 'Early Years' initiative to ask '5 big questions on the under fives.'

"If you have 5 minutes & live in the UK join the biggest conversation on early childhood. Like me even if you don’t have children, your own experiences will help invest in the future of the next generation."

In the post, he shared an adorable photo of himself as a young boy with his grandparents' British bulldog, Gibson, along with a photo of the survey.

On the same day, Party Pieces, Carole's decorations and accessories party company, encouraged people to participate in the "5 big questions on the under 5s" survey.

"There’s just a couple of days left to take part in the #5BigQuestions survey," the company tweeted.

"Please join the conversation on the hopes & aspirations for UK children. It takes just 5 minutes - just visit the link before Friday 21st February and have your say!


Kate has been extremely busy promoting the survey. On Feb. 18, the Kensington Palace Instagram account shared a video of the Duchess of Cambridge explaining about the "5 big questions on the under 5s" project and how parents can get involved before the cut-off date.

Kate also appeared on Giovanna Fletcher's Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast to discuss the survey and her experiences being a mother. It was her first podcast interview!

The mom of three has also made a number of surprise appearances across the UK as part of her work with Early Years. On Feb. 12, Kate visited Northern Ireland and Scotland. She also surprised children with breakfast at a London nursery school on Jan. 29! Prior to that, she embarked on a whirlwind 24-hour tour in January, which saw her visit Wales and England.

We love seeing how supportive Kate's family is of her and her important initiative and how they are encouraging more families to come together!

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