Margot Robbie would love to have Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan over for dinner

By Zach Harper

Margot Robbie would love to have Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan over for dinner

Margot Robbie wants to reconnect with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, and says they're welcome to come over to her house for dinner!

The Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood and Bombshell star first met the Duke of Sussex at a party in London in 2015, which Harry attended with Princess Eugenie, according to The Sun. But Margot didn't know who he was at the time and mistook him for Ed Sheeran, the publication says.

"I have known Prince Harry for a while, and he is a really great guy," she told The Sun in a new interview, saying she supports his decision to step away from royal life and move to Canada with the Duchess of Sussex.

"I know as much as anybody what a big decision it is to move halfway across the world," she said. "I still miss London a lot, but I had my reasons for moving, and they have their reasons for the decision. It isn't something taken lightly."

Meghan and Harry were recently reported to be looking at homes in Los Angeles, where the duchess grew up. The couple are said to want to spend the summer in the city. Two-time Oscar nominee Margot also told The Sun that if that's the case, they should get in touch with her and husband Tom Ackerley.

Cara Delevingne, centre, is a longtime friend of the royals, including Eugenie, whose wedding she attended in 2018. Photo: © GARETH FULLER/AFP via Getty Images

"If they are going to spend more time in L.A., we would love to have dinner with them," she said.

Margot also revealed after meeting Harry at the aforementioned party, she and Suicide Squad co-star Cara Delevingne – who attended Eugenie's 2018 wedding – prank called him.

"While we were filming [Suicide Squad] Cara said, 'Let's prank-call Harry.' I was like, 'You can't prank-call royalty,' but we did, and he was so cool with it."

We wonder if Margot will prank-call Harry and invite him and Meghan to dinner? If they say no, we're always up for subbing in!

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