A six-year-old boy gave Princess Charlotte some flowers on Christmas Day

By Zach Harper

A six-year-old boy gave Princess Charlotte some flowers on Christmas Day

Awww! Prepare to have your heart melt.

On Christmas Day, royal watchers were thrilled to see Princess Charlotte and older brother Prince George out for their debuts on the Royal Family’s walk to church at Sandringham. But it was the little princess who stole the show with her first ever public curtsy to the Queen and the adorable hugs she gave well-wishers who came out to see the family.

During the walkabout, Charlotte was spotted carrying a beautiful bouquet of white flowers, and now we know where she got them: a six-year-old boy named James Heather.

According to the Mirror, James and his mom waited for four hours outside the Church of St Mary Magdalene to give Charlotte the flowers, which he had picked himself.

“We’ve been queuing since about half eight and James was really keen to see Charlotte,” James’s mom, Nikita, told the publication. “James managed to get to the front and was just stood there with his flowers. He had chosen the flowers himself and picked those because he knows they are my favourite."

“When they left the church, Kate came over and said, ‘Are these for Charlotte?’ and then James said, ‘Yes.’ Charlotte looked really shy and coy, but you could tell she was happy and then she said, ‘Thank you.’ James was so excited, but I think he was quite starstruck by her.”

Charlotte hugged many well-wishers outside the church and received a balloon pink flamingo, too! Photo: © UK Press Pool/UK Press via Getty Images

The little princess received several more bouquets while she greeted royals fans with her mom, but Nikita told the Mirror it was pretty obvious Charlotte really liked James’s flowers.

“What made it all even sweeter was I watched her as she walked off and other people were giving her flowers, which were handed to her protection officer, but she just wouldn’t let go of James’s,” Nikita said. “She kept them in her hand the whole time.”

Charlotte matched her mom perfectly during the event, wearing an emerald green Amaia coat, which her mom paired with a similarly-coloured fascinator and clutch.

After Boxing Day, Charlotte, George and younger brother Prince Louis are set to head to Bucklebury, where they’ll spend time with the Middletons before going on a skiing holiday in the new year. That sounds like a great way to end their Christmas break before they head back to school in 2020!

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