Prince Philip’s hilarious comment to the Queen revealed in new book

By Zach Harper

Prince Philip’s hilarious comment to the Queen revealed in new book

Prince Philip and the Queen have been married for more than 70 years, and over the course of their many decades together, they’ve developed a deeply supportive relationship based on love, trust, respect and of course… humour. Both the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty are true soulmates and are known for their quick, dry wit and wry jokes, and are often pictured at joint events laughing at each other.

Angela Kelly, the monarch’s dressmaker and longtime close confidante, shared an amusing anecdote between the couple in her new book, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe . Excerpts from the book are being serialized in the new issue of HELLO! Canada, available now at newsstands across the country and on tablet and iPhone through Apple News.

“I vividly remember one fitting where the Queen was draped in a very large piece of bold, jacquard material in a large print,” Angela wrote. “Even a six-foot-tall model would have struggled to pull off something like that, and it absolutely drowned Her Majesty. Once again, I could not hide my disapproval when Her Majesty asked my thoughts.

Philip and the Queen have been married since 1947. Photo: © Carrie Davenport/Getty Images

“Without hesitation, I said, ‘No way! It doesn’t suit you at all and it is totally the wrong pattern.’ An awkward silence and an icy atmosphere descended on the room. Everyone in sequence turned their heads towards me with what felt like daggers in their eyes, except for the Queen who stared straight ahead and goodness knows what she was thinking. The atmosphere was ice cold.”

Not to worry, though, because Philip intervened at exactly when he was needed and made everything well!

“Just at that moment, the Duke of Edinburgh happened to talk past and Her Majesty asked what he thought of the material, knowing that, like mine, his feedback is always honest,” Angela continued. “‘Is that new material for the sofa?’ he joked, before continuing on his way. I excused myself, left the room, and privately punched the air with delight. I composed myself, then walked back into the dressing room where I noticed the material was being folded and put away unused.”

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This isn’t Angela’s first book about her life with the Queen and how she’s served the Royal Family. In 2012, she published Dressing the Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe, and The Other Side of the Coin has been published with Her Majesty’s blessing.

To read more excerpts from Angela’s new book, pick up Issue 686 of HELLO! Canada, available at newsstands and on tablets and iPhones through Apple News now!

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