Duchess Kate meets woman named Diana who has a son named William while visiting remote Pakistan village

By Zach Harper

Duchess Kate meets woman named Diana who has a son named William while visiting remote Pakistan village

Princess Diana’s legacy and influence have been felt in many places around the world, and we recently saw how she’s affected Angola when Prince Harry made a trip there last month during his tour of southern Africa. Duchess Kate and Prince William got a very special opportunity to see how she has left her mark on the Chitral area of Pakistan when they visited a Kalash village on Oct. 16.

While they were there, Kate spoke with a young woman named Diana, who is part of an emergency response team that’s become vital in the area, which has been hard hit by the effects of climate change due to the melting of the nearby Chiatigo glacier. Guess who she was named after? That’s right! She also named her son William!

Kate seemed very touched by the welcome she was given by women in Bumburet! Photo: © Samir Hussein/WireImage

“Princess Diana was visiting at around the time she was born, which is why she got named Diana,” a translator told the Telegraph of Kate’s interaction with her. “And now her son is William. Her grandmother went to meet Princess Diana in Chitral, her mum was unable to travel because she was expecting her.”

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William and Kate in traditional Chitrali hats and cloaks on Oct. 16. Photo: © Samir Hussein/WireImage

Diana visited Chitral in 1991 on one of three trips she made to Pakistan. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in the area on Oct. 16, they were also presented with traditional Chitrali hats and cloaks. Diana also donned the fashions while she was in the region on her first visit to Pakistan.

Diana visiting Chitral in 1991. Photo: © Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time a royal has met someone named after Princess Diana or encountered someone who named their child after her! While he was in Angola, Harry reunited with Sandra Tigica, a landmine survivor who met his mother on her famous 1997 visit to the country. Diana is credited for raising awareness about the issue by walking through a minefield and visiting with those who had been affected by the instruments of war. Sandra now has a daughter named Diana in the late Princess of Wales’ honour.

Prince Harry reunited with Sandra Tigica, who has a daughter named Diana in his mother’s honour, while in Angola in September. Photo: © Dominic Lipinski - Pool/Getty Images

William and Kate had a meaningful day in Chitral. Prior to visiting with the villagers, they travelled to see the glacier itself, which is one of nearly 5,000 in the region – 70 per cent of which are melting or receding due to climate change, according to scientists. After their visit, the duke gave an interview in which he called for more action around the issue, saying leadership is necessary to prevent an “impending global catastrophe.”

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This marks the halfway point in the couple’s tour, which began with their arrival on Oct. 14 and will finish on Oct. 18. Prior to their departure, Kensington Palace said the couple would travel more than 1,000 kilometres during their tour, which was described as the most “complex” to date due to security issues in the country.

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