Who is Alizée Thevenet, James Middleton's love? Six things you should know about her

By Zach Harper

Who is Alizée Thevenet, James Middleton's love? Six things you should know about her

On Sept. 12, James Middleton took to Instagram to announce he and Alizée Thevenet are married! The happy couple posted a loved-up snap featuring them posing in front of one of his dogs.

Thirty-four-year-old James and financial analyst Alizée married in her home country of France on Sept. 11, according to HELLO! UK. The guests reportedly included Kate, Prince William and their children, their sister Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews, their parents Carole and Michael Middleton and James's dogs Luna and Mabel.

So, who is Alizée? She and James have kept their relationship pretty quiet since they started dating, so it’s no surprise royal watchers may be looking for more information about her. Here's what we know!

She and James met in 2018

In January 2019, the Daily Mail reported Alizée's father Gabriel said his daughter and James had been dating for about six months. While he didn't reveal the way they met, an unnamed friend later told the publication they had met in a London bar.

James later revealed their meeting happened all thanks to his dog, Ella.

"[Ella and I] were at the South Kensington Club in Chelsea," James wrote in The Telegraph earlier this year. "Ella was lying at my feet under the table; realizing she might want some water, I trusted her to take herself over to the water bowl across the terrace.

"However, she made a beeline for Alizée. Rather embarrassed, I went over to apologize and bring Ella backs. But Alizée thought I was the waiter and ordered her drink while continuing to stroke Ella, who at this point was on her back lapping up the attention.

"Little did I know, but I had just met my future wife, all thanks to Ella. If I hadn't trusted Ella, I wouldn't have brought her to the South Kensington Club and she wouldn't have been able to say hi to the woman who became my fiancée."

In July 2019, James and Alizée stepped out to the men's singles final at Wimbledon with James's mother Carol and Pippa and her husband James. Photo: © Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Alizée and James were first seen together at the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund’s Christmas Carol Service at St. Luke’s Church in London in 2018, and that later led to a vacation together in St. Barts with Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews in the summer of 2019.

But their first official appearances as a couple came that spring, when they attended Lady Gabriella Windsor's wedding to Thomas Kingston at Windsor Castle, and when they stepped out to Wimbledon together looking very much in love that July.

She's a financial analyst

Alizée went to school for accounting and finance in Brussels, and later travelled to London, where she finished a masters in investment and finance at Queen Mary, University of London.

She's French – and she's trilingual!

Alizée grew up in France, and has also spent time during her life in the U.K., Belgium, Chile, Germany and Indonesia. During that time, she learned English and Spanish. She eventually settled down in the UK, where she's lived and worked for a few years.

"Alizée spoke Spanish very well when we lived in Chile, although we always speak French as a family, but she did not realy speak English until she moved to London," her father Gabriel told the Daily Mail.

Like James, she loves dogs

James is dog dad to many puppers, including Mabel, his golden retriever. In the summer of 2019, he posted a picture of Alizée laughing hysterically while Mabel launched herself into a pool. They've since spent much time together with theJames works with Pets As Therapy with his dog Ella, and has written about how his dogs have helped him with depression.

In 2019, the Evening Standard Insider asked James if Alizee liked dogs and if being fond of them was necessary to date him.

"Fortunately she is… she loves dogs," he said.

Her father loves James

Gabriel told the Daily Mail he was "very happy" his daughter and James were dating, and that he had been very impressed when he met Duchess Kate's younger brother.

"James is a very charming man," he told the publication. "I am very happy that Alizee is together with James. I know she is very happy. We keep our fingers crossed for them."

"James and the Middleton family are very charming," he continued. "We have a lot of admiration for the whole Middleton family – James, his sisters and his parents."

What her name means

Gabriel told the Daily Mail his daughter was named after a sub-tropical trade wind known as the Alize.

"My daughter is named after my first love, which is wind-surfing, and the Alize wind that fills the sails," he said.

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