Duchess Meghan donates some of Archie Harrison’s old clothes in Cape Town

By Sarah Walker

Duchess Meghan donates some of Archie Harrison’s old clothes in Cape Town

The Duchess of Sussex made her first two solo outings of the royal tour on her third day in Cape Town, South Africa, and was given the opportunity to do something she had long been excited about.

While visiting the charity mothers2mothers, which trains and employs women living with HIV to be health workers in eight African countries, she donated two large bags of “loved but outgrown” clothing from Archie Harrison and some of his friends.

“The Duchess decided to bring a number of his presents to hand on to South African children and families most in need,” a royal source said in a statement.

Meghan also donated some books and pens for the charity to use.

“It’s so important that we’re able to share what’s worked for our family and know that we’re all in this together with each other. So we wanted to share something from our home to each of yours,” she said of the items.

Duchess Meghan was very keen to play with toddlers during her visit to mothers2mothers! Photo: © Paul Edwards - Pool/Getty Images

During the visit, the attentive 38-year-old got hands on with several of the attendees and their babies, sitting on the ground and playing with them.

“Within a few moments, she saw that the babies were all being held by their mothers. She saw the play mat, she said, ‘Let’s get these babies on the ground.’ She sat on the ground with us. She pulled us down and she just engaged with the children,” Frank Beadle de Palomo, the President and CEO of the charity, told People.

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“She played ball with them, she caught their eye, never forgetting the attention she had with the mentor mothers who were speaking to her. She asked questions and engaged with individuals and at the end she spoke with one of our adolescent clients. Her comment to her, ‘My gosh, to meet someone who at your age is so empowered – this is the future.’ You have that feeling that this is a person who is very real. She left everyone touched and extremely motivated by her energy and presence.”

Attendees and onlookers went on to laud the duchess for her graciousness and kind spirit.

“She hugged us all and then she took the flowers from the guy standing next to me and said, ‘I’ll hug you too.’ I said, ‘Can I have another one?’ and she said, ‘How about a group hug?’ It was so amazing,” Catherine Arzul, 23, a potter from Cape Town, told People.

“Her impact has been incredible… The fact that she is a Black, divorced woman marrying into the Royal Family – that was really hard. She has got such negativity, but she has dealt with it, she has been so gracious about it she hasn’t let it get to her. She is showing everybody love and she’s doing the best she can.”

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