The hilarious way Duchess Meghan responded to Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s tribute

By Zach Harper

The hilarious way Duchess Meghan responded to Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s tribute

The royals are just like the rest of us!

The world was a bit stunned in February, when Beyoncé and Jay-Z won a BRIT Award for Best International Group and accepted it with a video that paid tribute to Duchess Meghan. The music industry power couple could not be there to accept the award in person, so they sent the the clip to the BRITs instead. The short film was a recreation of their “Apes**t” video that featured a painting of Meghan in a tiara in place of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

Here it is... in case you somehow forgot about it:

Daniel Martin, Meghan’s close friend who was her makeup artist for her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018, says the Duchess of Sussex was as shocked as everyone else to see it.

“I sent her a pic. I think it was a screen grab of the two of them in front of the portrait,” Daniel told Gayle King for her new documentary, Meghan and Harry, Plus One. “I think all I wrote was, ‘Girl.’”

That’s pretty much how most of us would text our BFF about something completely bizarre. But how did Meghan reply?

“She wrote me back like the big eye emoji,” Daniel said. We can definitely picture Meghan making that face!

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Daniel contributed many thoughts to Gayle’s new documentary, and seemed positively over the moon for his friend and Harry, who welcomed baby Archie Harrison earlier this month. He praised Harry’s parenting style, calling him “so good with kids,” and said he can’t wait to see how the couple raise the little boy.

“Their child is going to represent what the world is now,” he said. “It’s the dawn of a new generation.”

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