Former royal bodyguard opens up about how Harry and Meghan’s son Archie will be protected

By Meaghan Wray

Former royal bodyguard opens up about how Harry and Meghan’s son Archie will be protected

Even at only nine days old, Archie Harrison already has a protection plan in place. That’s understandable, given the incredible hype around his exciting arrival! Former royal bodyguard Simon Morgan opened up about the likely plans around the security for Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal baby.

“Each member of the royal family, each protected principal, has their own package which correlates with the threat and risk,” Simon, who previously worked for the Royal Family before starting Trojan Consultancy, told HELLO! UK. “The new royal baby is already going into a package, that has Mum and Dad catered for.”

But what does that package include? Last year, it was revealed Harry and Meghan’s new home of Frogmore Cottage needed a significant security review before they moved in, which they did in April. In November 2018, royal protection officer Ken Wharfe told the Daily Mirror the estate required at least two or three protection officers and adequate coverage from the Thames Valley Police. As Simon told HELLO! UK, that is in keeping with security for other royals, as the Mirror reported William and Kate's country home of Anmer Hall needed a similar review before it was approved as a getaway.

It’s not known where Duchess Meghan gave birth to Archie, since the couple previously said they planned to keep all details of their first child’s arrival private. But late last month, Simon told Express the security for the Sussex family and their new arrival would be just as high as that used for Duchess Kate and Prince William and their three children, but with one minor difference. Kate gave birth to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

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“I should imagine that’s all you’re removing from that scenario with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – the public element,” Simon told Express. “All the issues around movement and security of premises and of the newborn child and all those continuity things will still take place. It will still be policed at that level to ensure security is paramount.”

Simon told HELLO! UK security for royals does not stay the same. He said it always expands, contracts and varies according to risk, such as where particular royals are, who is there, and the nature of events in which they are taking part. “There are lots of different factors in regard to how big that protection package should be. Archie will now be part of that, very much like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children.”

One of those elements is mail. There are rules against royals accepting unsolicited gifts, and last week, Time reported any royal well-wishers who send items to the palace or Frogmore Cottage for the new parents and their baby will find those packages coming straight back to them in the post. If there's no return address indicated, the gifts will likely be donated to charities or local hospitals. Part of this is for security reasons, CNN royals commenter Vicky Arbiter told Time. “The royal mail room, you can imagine, is pretty intense,” she said.

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Simon went on to tell HELLO UK! that the family’s methods of protection have a tried-and-true formula. After all, Meghan and Harry aren’t the first to welcome a royal baby! “Royalty protection have seen this over and over again,” he said. “They look at how the format is going to work, what that format will actually be, and then factor in lots of different things with it.”

Harry and Kate are set to meet baby Archie on May 14. Photo: © Getty Images

The Sussexes made sure to keep their birthing plans private to enjoy the moment without a media frenzy. Now that Archie is here, the new parents will be able to savour the first few weeks together at Frogmore Cottage, while visiting with family members, such as Princess Diana's sister Lady Jane Fellowes, and Kate and William, who are reportedly meeting baby Archie on Tuesday (May 14).

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