The Duchess of Cambridge is in training to become the future Queen consort

By Meaghan Wray

The Duchess of Cambridge is in training to become the future Queen consort

One day, the Duchess of Cambridge will become Prince William’s queen consort. Until then, Her Majesty has reportedly been getting her up to speed for the royal role. According to recent reports, the duo’s first solo outing together in March was the first of many training sessions preparing Kate for stepping into the Queen’s pumps.

Speaking to Us Weekly, royal reporter Rebecca English said: “Kate’s been taking on new responsibilities little by little over the last few years, so it won’t be a shock when the time comes... William and Kate are the favourite royals to take the crown in many generations, so the people of the UK are very excited about it.”

The Queen and Kate visited King's College London on March 19. Photo: © Getty Images

There’s no doubt the monarch has happily been showing Duchess Kate the royal ropes. Prince Charles will be the next monarch, and after him, Prince William will take the throne. “She’s really taken Kate under her wing. The two of them will often spend hours discussing royal life and the future of the monarchy,” the source told the glossy.

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The 36-year-old has spent a lot of time preparing for this role. As one of the most well-loved members of the British monarchy, the mother-to-three is always stepping out for causes close to her heart – and makes sure to bring joy to her well-wishes whenever she can. It’s certain the Queen is very proud of Kate.

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