‘She’s going to raise beautiful children’: Jillian Harris on mom-to-be Meghan and her baby’s home nursery

By Meaghan Wray, with files from Sarah Trumbley

‘She’s going to raise beautiful children’: Jillian Harris on mom-to-be Meghan and her baby’s home nursery

If there’s anyone who knows how to best design a baby nursery, it’s mom-to-two Jillian Harris. The Canadian star has been wowing her 963,000 Instagram followers with her incredible interior design taste, impeccable fashion sense and, of course, her adorable kiddos. While sitting down with HELLO! Canada recently, Jillian revealed some advice she has for soon-to-be new mom, Duchess Meghan.

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“My advice for Meghan would be to not listen to anybody’s advice! I don’t know her, but from what I do know of her I feel like she’s very compassionate and very patient and very kind. That’s all you need to raise good kids,” the lifestyle blogger gushed. “She’s gonna be great. She’s gonna raise beautiful children.”

Jillian and her husband, Justin Pasutto, welcomed their second child, Annie, back in October. She joined big brother Leo in their stunning Okanagan home. The duo decided to outfit her adorable nursery with pinks and creams, and the sweetest of flamingo plushies to keep their bundle of joy company.

Jillian’s interior design techniques are that of the pages of a magazine. Her social media account is filled with pretty pastel materials and crisp white furniture – it’s fashionable, all while being totally attainable and family friendly.

When it comes to future Baby Sussex’s nursery, the 39-year-old had a few ideas. “I picture it to be like lots of warm creams and warm greys and beige and neutrals, and like obviously very regal and timeless, and I almost picture it to have like a safari theme or something,” Jillian said, perhaps being inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan’s love for Botswana.

Cheetah print? Beautiful wood furnishings? The possibilities are endless. But one thing is for sure – if Harry and Meghan need any help putting finishing touches on their baby’s space, they know who to call. “I’d be more than happy to poke over to London,” she joked.

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