Prince Harry and Meghan have the best reaction to a child swearing in front of them

By Sarah Walker

Prince Harry and Meghan have the best reaction to a child swearing in front of them

Kids say the darndest things! Prince Harry and Meghan joined forces on Feb. 1 on a visit to Bristol, and they had a rather surprising exchange with a teenager at the town's Old Vic Theatre. While chatting with a boy at the outreach program, the unexpected happened...

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were speaking about one of the exhibits at the centre, one young man got overly excited and dropped the f-bomb.

“When you’re on the stage, you can’t be like, you know, [expletive] around on the stage,” he said to the royal couple. The moment was captured on video, which means Harry and Duchess Meghan’s reactions were captured live. While the 34-year-old prince looked hilariously stunned, the former Suits star laughed the moment off.

Harry and Meghan had some cute encounters in Bristol! Photo: © Getty Images

On the same trip, Duchess Meghan made headlines for sharing some sweet words of support with sex workers who rely on the assistance of the charity One25.

While on a tour of the facility with her husband, Duchess Meghan saw meals being prepared for beneficiaries of the organization and askedfor a permanent marker. "I saw this project this woman had started somewhere in the States on a school lunch program. On each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation, to make the kids feel really, like, empowered. It was the most incredible idea – this small gesture,” she said before joking, "I am in charge of the banana messaging!"

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Prince Harry also shared a sweet moment with a teenager who had lost his parents. Martin Bisp, co-founder of the organization told reporters, "There was a moment where him and a young person shared an experience. They sat down and asked us to leave the room and talked candidly."

Fifteen-year-old Lestyn Jones later recounted the conversation to journalists: "It just got a bit emotional because he mentioned something. He knew some stuff about me and the same thing happened to me. We had a chat for about ten minutes. When we had a group picture at the end he made sure I was standing next to him. They were lovely people. I didn't expect them to be like that. They were amazing people."

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