Queen Rania addresses accusations of overspending on her wardrobe

By Meaghan Wray

Queen Rania addresses accusations of overspending on her wardrobe

Queen Rania of Jordan is the queen of fashion, but her incredible wardrobe has recently come under fire for being a bit too lavish. In a rare statement from the palace on behalf of the 48-year-old, Rania opens up about the accusations, defending her style choices and shutting down rumours.

After numerous blogs hazarded a guess at the cost of the mother of four’s royal wardrobe, the palace shared the statement on its official Facebook page. Addressing the concerns, the note read: “In recognition of Her Majesty’s interest in making the facts accessible to all to build their thoughts and opinions on them – positive or negative – we have decided to clarify some details on this subject.”

Queen Rania attended the Cannes International Film Festival in 2018. Photo: © Samir Hussein/WireImage

It’s a reality that fashion designers are eager to dress royals and celebrities, and thus they receive many of the pricier pieces they own as a gift from the designers themselves – a wonderful perk of being a hardworking royal. The statement went on to acknowledge that publishing the cost of her clothing has created a “false impression of reality,” also adding that Rania often chooses Jordanian designers to highlight the talents in her home country.

Sadly, the statement points out that these types of accusations are often used against leaders’ wives: “The focus on clothing and spending wives of leaders in many countries and accusing them of wastefulness – whether right or wrong – is not new and has been exploited as a historical political tool. Today, we see some in Jordan adopting this approach to portray Her Majesty the Queen as far from reality, far from the truth. So, they may reject this clarification and question it in principle, in an effort to build a false public opinion.”

Though they rarely publish statements from Her Majesty, Queen Rania’s office made an exception to put to rest the rumours. The doting mother is not just a style icon, but a royal who lends much of her spare time to her charities of choice, like The Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, established in 2013 to invest in the education of Jordan’s most vulnerable. Her many admirers know that the amount of care she puts into her royal role goes much deeper than the clothing she wears.

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