The ‘Fab Four’ enjoyed a secret couples night out together

By Meaghan Wray

The ‘Fab Four’ enjoyed a secret couples night out together

Busy in an understatement for the ‘Fab Four,’ who have been bouncing from royal engagement to royal engagement since the first sign of autumn! This week alone, the quad has undertaken a number of public and private engagements – from Remembrance Sunday to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday bash, and William and Kate’s back-to-back charitable outings . But on Thursday evening (Nov. 15), Princes William and Harry, and Duchesses Kate and Meghan, got up to something in secret – a dinner in London to support a cause close to all of their hearts.

The 'Fab Four' attended the RAF Centenary together before Harry and Meghan left for Ireland. Photo: © Getty Images

The young royals made an appearance at a dinner in support of the Royal Foundation – which was founded in 2009 to help tackle “today’s biggest challenges” – held at Victoria House in Bloomsbury. The organization was founded by the royal brothers and Duchess Kate almost ten years ago and welcomed Meghan with open arms when she and Harry exchanged vows in May. With their Heads Together initiative, the three have made mental health awareness an important part of their mandate, but also tackle issues involving wildlife conservation and the wellbeing of veterans.

Prince William and Kate had a big day discussing the dangers of technology and cyberbullying while visiting the BBC Broadcasting House in London. The parents of three sat down with Tony Hall, director general of the BBC, to test out a cellphone app designed to combat online bullying. They also took the time to chat with young people who wrote and performed in a new campaign video for #StopSpeakSupport, a youth-led initiative which helps kids understand what to do when they witness online bullying.

And in between showing off their big hearts while contributing to important causes, the four found some time to get dolled up and help the future king ring in his 70 th year! Along with other European royals – like Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik! – they gathered together to celebrate at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday (Nov. 14). And it wasn’t without some kind words towards the heir from his loving mother, the Queen .

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