Watch Prince William playfully tease Kate as she shows off her artistic skills

By Meaghan Wray

Watch Prince William playfully tease Kate as she shows off her artistic skills

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ’s first joint appearance since Prince Louis provided many a Kodak moment, much to the delight of royal watchers! While stepping out on Tuesday (Oct. 9) for the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit , the couple was able to give back to a cause close to their hearts while enjoying a few laughs along the way – especially when they got the opportunity to show off their artistic skill!

Watch the moment below…

Fans of the Royal Family know that the duchess is an art history graduate, but when she was handed a paint brush at the event, she didn’t seem too confident in her abilities! During their tour, the dynamic duo met Colombian fine artist Dario Vargas, who invited the two to add their own brush strokes to his live art painting. William, being the jokester that he is, quickly volunteered his wife to make the first move “as she is the artsy one,” he said. After Kate shyly applied a brush stroke to the canvas, playfully asking “where can I hide it,” her husband joked: “It’s almost ruined the picture,” which brought out Kate’s hearty laugh. The father of three took hold of the brush, turning the gag on himself: “No, this is probably how you ruin a picture,” he said before adding a half stroke to the bottom of the painting.

William and Kate also shared another sweet moment when taking a seat on the Friendship Bench, which is part of an innovative program from Zimbabwe, which has taught elderly Zimbabwean women the skills to become city health workers. The couple sat side-by-side for a photo opportunity – and clearly William said something funny! They erupted in a fit of laughter, and of course, photographers were there to catch the adorable moment between them. Royal watchers were also treated to a rare moment of affection as the duke gently touched his wife’s leg.

William and Kate had a laugh on the bench. Photo: © EDDIE MULHOLLAND/AFP/Getty Images

This was the Cambridges’ first joint outing since becoming parents for the third time, but Kate made her post-maternity leave debut with a casual visit to the Sayers Croft Forest School , where she got her hands dirty with a gaggle of adorable children. There, she also enjoyed a sweet story time and had the chance to chat with teachers and parents about the wonderful initiative, which lets inner city kids enjoy the outdoors and learn about nature. The next time we’ll see the two together will be at Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding on Oct. 12 , but Kate will be making another solo appearance on Wednesday (Oct. 10).

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