What we can learn from the Scandinavian royals on living our best Hygge lifestyles

By Meaghan Wray

What we can learn from the Scandinavian royals on living our best Hygge lifestyles

There’s much to be learned from the Scandinavian royals, especially when it comes to their effortlessly beautiful way of life. From enjoying the simple things to their skilled art of dressing down, royals like Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Princess Mary seem to get everything right – and always with a smile on! Well, it’s no accident.

Scandinavian people are known for living the hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) lifestyle, which simply translates to cozy contentment and wellbeing while enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It’s a vital part of being Scandinavian, Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, told Country Living: “[It’s] a defining feature of our cultural identity and an integral part of the national DNA.” And the royals really know how to do it best, even while living in the limelight! So what can we learn from them?

They have major green thumbs

While catching a member of the British Royal Family in casual clothes outdoors is a fun rarity, royal watchers are spoiled in this department when it comes to the Scandinavians! Crown Princess Victoria is constantly out and about in nature, either climbing through obstacle courses or helping with hiking tours amid the picturesque landscape of Sweden. Similarly, Crown Princess Mary and her sweet family love getting their hands dirty, too – playing with animals in Denmark or strapping into waders and heading out into the water for a few Kodak moments. We’re pretty sure these joyful activities in the sun are what keep them young! It’s fitting, too, that Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Phillip ’s son enjoyed his first royal outing at the tender age of two to open Prince Alexander ’s viewpoint at the Nynas Nature Reserve.

They enjoy the simple things with their kids

Family time and being together is a major part of the hygge lifestyle, and of course, the royals excel at this, too! On top of the adorable aforementioned family outings with wildlife and hiking, Victorialoves to bake with her family ­­– and it’s quite possibly the sweetest thing ever. In a special Christmas video in 2015, the princess was filmed baking holiday treats with her daughter, Princess Estelle , who was four years old at the time. Indulging in the homey pleasures of Christmastime is very hygge of them! Princess Marie of Denmark reinforced this point while in Paris in 2017 to unveil the holiday windows at BHV Marais. “Christmas in Denmark is a magical time,” she explained in flawless French. “Christmas isn’t Christmas without candles, a fire, hot chocolate, decorations made by the children, and everything else that us Danes associate with our national sport: hygge!”

They go with the flow

An important aspect of this lifestyle is maintaining an ease of life, and nothing seems to ruffle the feathers of these royals. A perfect example of this is definitely the christening of Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill ’s youngest child, Princess Adrienne . Photos that quickly went viral show their eldest child, Princess Leonore , enjoying a barefoot romp on the gravel and rolling around in the aisles – and her family didn’t bat an eye! This is certainly one way they keep their lives as stress-free as possible, by allowing their kids to just be kids.

They’ve nailed dressing down

The Scandinavian royals are the kings and queens of dressing down, and they love their sporty gear. The Danish royal family recently took a trip to the Faroe Islands for a cultural excursion, where they and their children – Vincent, Josephine, Christian and Isabella – all wore matching olive-green hiking wear. Crown Princess Victoria has also been known to rock sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt when out on her more nature-focused royal engagements – and she looks just as good in casual outfits as she does in her amazing pantsuits and gowns. When Prince William and Kate visited Sweden and Norway earlier this year, they got into hygge mode too, slipping on toques and parkas to enjoy outdoor activities.

They don’t shy away from PDA

Another part of hygge way is connection and showing adoration for loved ones – and the Scandinavians are pretty good at that, too. At Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday party, Crown Princess Mary gave the most adoring speech that made her beau visibly tear up at his chair. “On our wedding day, you invited me to come and to see what awaited us in love and I have loved every step and every view,” she said to the crowd who gathered to celebrate his life. They then shared a sweet smooch before taking to the dance floor together.

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