Princess Sofia of Sweden opens up about bullying she faced: ‘It was very tough’

By Meaghan Wray

Princess Sofia of Sweden opens up about bullying she faced: ‘It was very tough’

From reality star and magazine model to full-blown Swedish royalty, Princess Sofia experienced quite the career shift when she met her Prince Charming, Prince Carl Philip . But it wasn’t without some struggles. The mother of two revealed in a recent interview with Sweden’s TV4 that she faced a lot of backlash from royal watchers who weren’t too sure her past could fit seamlessly into the royal fold.

Sofia experienced a great deal of online bullying when she and Carl Philip first went public with their romance: “I was met with an enormous hate storm from people who had opinions about me as a person, about my relationship. I was surprised and it definitely affected me. I didn’t understand that people had such need to express how badly they felt about me. It was very tough.”

Not only has Sofia found strength in her experience, but it’s also inspired a new charitable passion to bring to her royal duties. She’s turned her past with bullying into a cause, giving back to youth in need of support and guidance. The 33-year-old and her husband started the Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation, which works to combat hate speech and online bullying, especially in schools.

Sofia knows how important it is to help victims of bullying when they’re young: “I was adult when this happened to me, so I can only imagine in a school environment and in other instances how big this can be in a child’s world. They don’t have the same perspective on life and don’t have the understanding that it’s not really about you and that you should just see past it.” Now, Sofia opts to turn a blind eye to any news about herself, choosing to focus on her beautiful family of four, including adorable two-year-old Prince Alexander and 11-month-old Prince Gabriel .

Igår hade vår stiftelse ett seminarium på @letsmakelovegreatagain om barn och ungas nätvardag - möjligheter och utmaningar. En väldigt inspirerande, saklig och intressant paneldiskussion som landade i några konkreta uppmaningar: ▫️ • Var tydlig och visa som förälder/vuxen att du är intresserad av och finns för barnen i deras nätvardag. Då är chansen mycket större att de berättar om något jobbigt har hänt. ▫️ • Låt dem visa hur livet på nätet funkar. ▫️ • Problemen försvinner inte genom att stänga av dem från nätet. Barn och unga har sina sociala sammanhang där. ▫️ • Anmäl om du som ung blir utsatt av hot, hat eller trakasserier. ▫️ • Vi vuxna måste ta ansvar och vara goda förebilder på nätet, barn gör som vi gör. : Pernilla Thelaus

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As her sons get older, it is, of course, important for the parents to help them through any tough times they may encounter. Their mom attended a seminar recently as part of the festival Let’s Make Love Great Again . As one of the main speakers at the event, the royal opened up about how important it is to provide support to children and youth: “We have said that we plan to always have an open dialogue on the level of our children. It is partly about giving our children the tools and tools to deal with life in general. Also, the network they have is very important.”

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