When Meghan Markle gets pregnant she won't be able to follow this tradition

By Meaghan Wray

When Meghan Markle gets pregnant she won't be able to follow this tradition

As the new Duchess of Sussex slips into royal life with the ease of born royalty, fans of the newlyweds are eager for news of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first child. While there’s no intel of that happening anytime soon, one thing has been speculated by royal experts: Meghan will not be allowed to have a baby shower.

While the former actress was able to enjoy a “fun” bachelorette party leading up to her lavish royal wedding on May 19, a baby shower is definitely out of the question. According to Harper’s Bazaar Australia, it’s one part of royal tradition that must be abided by for the sake of reputation. Royal expert Victoria Arbiter explained to The Sun that because royals are “very wealthy, a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate.” She added: “There’s nothing they can’t go out and buy themselves.”

Meghan opened up about her bachelorette party while in Edinburgh with Prince Harry. Photo: ©

While these types of celebrations are perfect for the common family in need of special things for their baby on the way, royals and celebrities often opt for charitable donations as a form of congratulations instead. When it came to Meghan and Harry’s wedding gifts, the big-hearted couple requested that attendees, family and friends make donations in lieu of kitchen supplies. And there is no shortage of charities to donate to that are close to the couple’s hearts, with Harry’s Sentebale and Invictus Games, and Meghan’s support of all things related to youth and women’s activism.

Money and gifts aside, baby showers are really more of an American tradition that haven’t made it over the pond to the United Kingdom yet; another reason why this kind of party isn’t likely to be had. Perhaps the 36-year-old will appease her American roots by throwing a more low-key celebration, at which Harper’s Bazaar Australia mentions she could accept gifts from loved ones.

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