Princess Charlotte's resemblance to the strong women who came before her

By: Meaghan Wray

Princess Charlotte's resemblance to the strong women who came before her

The British Royal Family is known for its incredible array of empowering female leaders, from Queen Elizabeth II,who was thrown into her position very suddenly at the age of 26, to Princess Diana, who quickly became "The People's Princess" thanks to her charisma and passion for activism. Needles to say, Princess Charlotte has more than a few women in her family that she can look up to. In Charlotte's third year as a princess, we look at the amazing royal women to whom she bares striking resemblances, both in looks and spirit.

The Queen

Little Charlotte, who just turned three, looks an awful lot like her great-grandmother, the Queen of England. Not only do they share the same feisty yet sweet disposition, they also have very similar looks. Royal watchers have pointed out that Charlotte and Her Majesty both have the same almond eye shape, and when they were young, the Queen's round face and her joyful smile bared an uncanny resemblance to her great-granddaughter's. And much like the Queen, the adorable royal – who just became a big sister to Prince Louis – has beautiful wavy chestnut hair. The two also have a penchant for wearing pink!

Charlotte and the Queen look very much alike in their baby photos. Photo: © Getty Images

Duchess Kate

Of course, no one can look past the fact that the darling royal looks almost exactly like her mom did when she was little. With her bright brown eyes, round button nose and defined eyebrows, the Princess bares a striking resemblance to the woman who raises her. And the three-year-old has also adopted Kate's curiosity, charisma and adventurous spirit – remember her adorable waves at the Lindo Wing before meeting Prince Louis? She clearly knows how to delight a crowd, thanks to her doting mom.

The princess takes after her mom, in looks and charm! Photo: © Getty Images

But Charlotte has more in common with her mom than just being her mini-me. The tot also has a very close bond with her big brother, Prince George, much like Kate and and her sister, Pippa Middleton, have. The two pairs have been thick as thieves since the younger siblings were born.

Pippa and Kate passed along their close bond to George and Charlotte. Photo: © The Middleton Family, Getty Images

And which other royal sibling pair do Charlotte and George resemble? Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, of course! The daughters of the Duchess of York are rarely ever seen apart.

George and Charlotte's bond is close like fellow royal siblings Eugenie and Beatrice. Photo: © Getty Images

Princess Diana

When Diana was little, she sported a very similar hairstyle to Charlotte despite the nearly 50 years between them, and the little girl's eyes look almost identical to those of her grandmother. Despite having never met, their similarities go beyond appearances – it's very clear that William has passed down his late mother's charm and calm nature, which will serve Charlotte well as she grows up in the Royal Family and takes on whatever role she desires.

Charlotte's hairstyle greately resembles that of her late grandmother. Photo: © Getty Images

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