Queen Elizabeth earns unbelievable sum of money racing her horses

By: Robert Peterpaul

Queen Elizabeth earns unbelievable sum of money racing her horses

Her Majesty is more than just the Queen of England – she's also queen of the racetrack! Queen Elizabeth, 91, received her first horseback riding lessons at the age of three and now holds moe than 30 years of race experience under her hat.

She certainly has a lot to show for it, too, claiming 452 race wins out of a total of 2,834 races with her horses. According to newly released data from British racing site MyRacing.com, this makes her winning percentage just shy of 16%, which is a decent average. Even more respectable, is that the site uncovered the Queen has earned over nine million dollars from her beloved hobby!

Queen Elizabeth has loved racing her horses for over 30 years

"The Queen has earned a total of $9,372,441 from her horses, her highest annual total being in 2016 when she earned a whopping $775,325," stated spokesman for the website Dominic Celica. He also said that the numbers were cross-checked with the horse-racing authoring for accuracy. Sports journalist Sean Trivass, who follows the queen's racing and helped analyze the site’s data, admitted to USA TODAY that she is a relatively small competitor in the sport comparatively speaking. He thinks that she may have broken even with her winnings over the last five years, but that doesn’t matter to her. Sean says she's motivated by a "genuine love" of the sport and her horses.

"Does she do it for the fun — 100% yes," Sean told the site. "No one would do this to make money and it seems safe to say she doesn't necessarily need to make a profit." To hit his point home, he added that royal connections to horse-racing date back to King Charles II in mid-17th century in England. "So, there has been a long royal connection that I suspect the queen enjoys continuing," he said.

Queen Elizabeth received the gold cup at Ascot in 2013 Photo

Sean continued: "Her genuine love of the horses is not in question — one look at her face when her horse begins a run or gets to challenge will tell you all you need to know." Perhaps the most excited the Queen was seen during a match was back in 2013, when her horse Estimate won the Gold Cup race at Ascot. This marked the first time, in the two centuries history of the race, that it was won by a reigning monarch. A year later, she was presented with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication to the sport.

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