Crown Princess Victoria runs in high heels for a good cause

By: Meaghan Wray

Crown Princess Victoria runs in high heels for a good cause

Ready, set, go! Nothing can come between Crown Princess Victoria and a good cause – not even her high-heels! In a recently released video supporting the Swedish campaign Upp & Hoppa Sverige, the royal is seen running up and down the Stockholm palace stairs in her business attire, hoping to inspire young people to get moving.

The video begins with the princess sitting at her desk working, when she is in confronted by a staff member to go for her midday pick-me-up. Victoria is heard saying, “it’s time again.” And with that, she’s off to the races, jogging up and down the palace stairs without even changing her outfit, showing that even busy royals can get in a 30-minute workout if they want to.

Youth mental and physical wellbeing is at the forefront of Princess Victoria’s charitable endeavors. With her organization Generation Pep, the mother of two aims to encourage young Swedes to lead an active lifestyle, as the average person sits for up to nine hours a day. Just last year, her husband Prince Daniel and their daughter Princess Estelle, 5, shared an adorable video to YouTube of them building and running an obstacle course in their garden.

This is one princess who leads by example – not only by exercising in fancy footwear, but in her everyday life. Late last year, the princess traded in her heels for running shoes during an exciting day out in Stockholm’s Haga Park. Victoria, 40, took a shot at a rope obstacle course, organized by the Swedish Outdoor Association, and enjoyed some playtime and educational activities in the autumn leaves with some of the little ones!

Princess Victoria took a stab at a rope course in Haga Park

In fact, Prince William and Kate were dazzled by the active Scandinavian lifestyle on their recent tour of Sweden and Norway, during which they spent ample time with the crown princess and her family. "One lesson that we will take home with us is that children are actively encouraged to spend time outdoors, whatever the weather,” said the Duke of Cambridge after their visit. “This is obviously very good for their physical health but… it has huge benefits for a child’s mental health as well."

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