A young Manchester attack survivor tweets about meeting the Queen

By Emmy Griffiths

A young Manchester attack survivor tweets about meeting the Queen

Fifteen-year-old Millie Robson was left needing surgery on her legs after being injured in the Manchester attacks on Monday night. The teen, who had attended the Ariana Grande concert and was leaving Manchester arena with a friend when she was hit by the explosion, has kept her Twitter followers updated on her recovery.

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She reassured everyone that she was "okay," writing: "Hey everyone! I'm okay thank you, I've got a cut above my eye & a wound on my arm and I have an operation to repair the holes in my legs tomorrow. Thank you for all your kind messages." She added: "On the bright side the concert was amazing and getting to meet Ariana was something I'll never forget, I'm not gonna let these evil people ruin something so amazing for me."

Millie in hospital with the Queen

Millie also tweeted about meeting the Queen, who visited the hospital to meet some of the victims caught in the attack. "As if I just met the Queen oh my god I'm shocked," she tweeted, before sharing a video of the royal chatting to her and her parents. Well-wishers were quick to send her messages of supporters, with one writing: "Praying for you I'm so sorry this happened but so glad your spirits are up. We all wish we could be there to hold your hand."

The Ariana Grande super fan also shared some of her darker moments, writing: "I'm trying so hard to stay positive for everyone but it's just so hard… I'm not a hero, the real heroes are all the paramedics and the strangers that were helping everyone… I'm sorry for complaining because I know I've been really lucky but it's just really hard."

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