Andy Murray's mom Judy tells Hello! about playing tennis with Kate

Andy Murray's mom Judy tells Hello! about playing tennis with Kate

Judy Murray may spend the most exciting moments of Wimbledon cheering on her sons Jamie and Andy Murray courtside, but she also keeps fellow spectators peppy. The tennis coach and Lavazza brand ambassador gives out free Lavazza coffee to sporting fans, and Hello! caught up with her during her break.

Judy opened up about playing tennis with the Duchess of Cambridge earlier this year, when the royal was carrying out a charity engagement in Judy's native Scotland.

"She came and joined us in Edinburgh when she was on one of her visits," Judy told HELLO! Online. "And it was wonderful because she is a huge tennis fan."

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"She's also a parent and I always say that the parents are the hidden workforce. If they can help the kids to develop the skills they need to play the sport, then they come into your sport better able to do it. For me it was wonderful to have her there because she was genuinely so enthusiastic and meant it," said Judy.

The Scotswoman is a regular fixture at Wimbledon, but she admits that she isn't one for "hanging around watching tennis". Instead, Judy's priority lies with her sons and their matches.

Her younger son Andy made history when he won Wimbledon in 2013. At the time Andy was the first British man to win the Men's Singles Championship since Fred Perry, 77 years previously.

Judy Murray giving out coffee Judy said that her best friends "keep her sane" at Wimbledon

"I've been coming to Wimbledon for about 14 years now since the boys played in the junior event in 2002, so I kind of know what to expect," said Judy. "I think I always say that I find it very stressful watching the boys, but I also find it quite stressful being in the grounds because it's so busy.


"I have a lot of friends down here and my best friends keep me sane. They know I don't talk too much, I don't sit beside anybody when I'm watching the matches, I just go into my little zone but they're very good at taking turns at just being around, so if I need someone to take me away for a coffee or for Pimm's they're there to do that."

Judy Murray posing with a latté with art of a male face within the espresso's creme "You need your caffeine fix in the morning that's for sure," she said

Judy, who revealed that she is a big fan of HELLO!, admitted that she needs her coffee to keep her going.

Kim Murray takes baby Sophia to first Wimbledon

"You need your caffeine fix in the morning that's for sure," she said. "I genuinely like Lavazza coffee. It's great. They serve it at the Australian Open as well and they are the two tournaments where I will go and have the tournament coffee because it's good."

judy-murray2 The tennis coach has been handing out free coffee to Wimbledon fans

And if, unlike Judy, you're a first-timer at Wimbledon, how do you survive the madness?

"If you're coming in on a ground pass, I'd say look at the order of play and decide if there's somebody you really want to watch," said Judy. "Go to the court early and get a seat because it's always very, very busy. Sometimes on the outside courts they don't have as much seating so it can be quite difficult to get a seat."

"I think the main thing is to soak up the atmosphere, walk around as much as you can and see everything that's going on," she added. "And sit on the hill, Henman Hill, and experience that because that's a real fan thing to do!"

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