President Obama jokes about the reason for his London visit: 'adorable' Prince George

President Obama jokes about the reason for his London visit: 'adorable' Prince George

Prince George proved the exception to any rules of dress when meeting a US leader, looking perfectly comfortable in his pyjamas while making President Obama's acquaintance. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted a dinner for the POTUS and first lady Michelle Obama last week, allowing adorable George to stay up past his bedtime to meet them.

Following their meeting, the President gave a speech in London and joked he only came to meet two-year-old George.

TAP TO VIEW FULL GALLERYPresident Obama engaging with a young Prince George President Obama joked he only came to London to meet Prince George

He said: "I guess you all know why I came this week. It's no secret. Nothing was going to stop me wishing happy birthday to Her Majesty, or meeting George, who was adorable."

Duchess Kate and Prince William invited the Obamas to Kensington Palace for a casual dinner on Friday evening, and Prince George – wearing seriously cute gingham pyjamas and a monogrammed white robe – was there to meet them in the foyer.

Barack Obama chatting up with Prince William The playful Prince was allowed to stay up past his bedtime for the meeting

A Kensington Palace official later confirmed George was allowed to stay up 15 minutes past his bed time for the special meeting.

The official Kensington Palace Instagram account posted photos from the meeting, which also showed the playful Prince thanking President Obama for his rocking horse – a gift he received after his birth in 2013.


And, proving that he's as much of a style icon as his mum, George's bathrobe sold out just minutes after the pictures were posted. The dressing gown is from company My 1st Years and retails at £27 and, although it is currently unavailable, there is a waiting list for those interested in getting one for their very own prince or princess.

During the visit, Obama also gifted Queen Elizabeth II with an album of photos showing her past meetings with former US presidents.

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