All of the gifts Spain’s royal family received in 2015

All of the gifts Spain’s royal family received in 2015

For the first time in history, Spain’s royal family has released a full list of gifts the monarchy received in 2015. King Felipe, Queen Letizia and company were treated to a total of 326 presents from dignitaries, governments and organizations around the world. And while their treasure trove included many traditional items, think figurines, books, jewellery and artwork, the family’s haul featured some surprising and creative finds.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia received some special presents during their visit to Washington in Sept. 2015. Photo: © Getty Images

Following the king and queen’s state visit to Washington in September, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle didn’t let them leave without taking some mementoes home for their daughters, Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia. The president sent along a copy of his book “Of Thee I Sing” and some jigsaw puzzles featuring the Obama’s pet pooch Bo.

France’s prime minister gifted the royal family with a box of finely crafted handkerchiefs, while King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan commissioned a handmade riding saddle to be made in their honour. And should any members of the royal family join the Duchess of Cornwall in her love for Game of Thrones, they now have their very own box set of the series gifted to them from a member of Spain’s parliament.

King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan presented the royal couple with a saddle and riffle. Photo: © Getty Images

The gift list also features hockey sticks from the founders of Spain's National Sports Awards, jerseys from the Peruvian national soccer team and a metal chest from the president of Egypt.

The Spanish gift registry is somewhat tame compared to the wild and wonderful presents the Queen and family racked up last year. While some of the British royal family's presents hold historic significance, such as the first rugby ball from the Rugby World Cup, others were slightly more questionable, like a bag of salt gifted to Her Majesty by John Duncan, governor of the British Virgin Islands.

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