King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden says bathtubs 'should be banned’

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden says bathtubs 'should be banned’

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has a bone to pick with bath time. The 69-year-old monarch believes that vast amounts of water can be saved by banning the luxurious means to stay clean, calling for the elimination of bathtubs.

In an interview with Sweden's SvenskaDagbladet newspaper, the royal said, "All bathtubs should be banned. Imagine!" The idea had come to the king during his morning routine when he was forced to take a bath because the room he was in did not have a shower. “It took a lot of fresh water and energy,” he said. “It struck me so clearly: it’s not wise that I have to do this. I really felt ashamed then, I really did.”

King Carl XVI Gustaf is calling for a ban on bathtubs. Photo: © Getty Images

While the king later admitted that the ban is a “lighthearted” suggestion, he said, “But there is a truth there. Those small details have an enormous effect.” The king's comments come days before he is set to attend the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. When asked when he realized the importance of climate change, Carl said, “When was it that Al Gore started? That was the same time I wanted to highlight this issue, but he beat me to it. And he was better suited as a lecturer.”

And though tubs are here to stay for now, the king is doing his part to help the environment. “I have a hybrid car right now, so when I drive into town, I drive completely electric,” he said. The king is also changing his diet, saying, “Personally, I am eating less meat."

The Swedish king will become a grandfather again when Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia welcome their first child in the spring. Photo: © Getty Images

Perhaps the king is just trying to make the world a better place for his grandchildren. His son, Prince Carl Philip, is expecting his first child – and the king’s fourth grandchild (Crown Princess Victoria is also expecting) – with wife Princess Sofia. For now, the newlyweds are staying mum on the baby’s gender, having previously told a reporter in New York that "it'll be a surprise. It feels great."

It appears Carl Phillip has already received parenting advice from his sisters, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine. The 36-year-old prince said, "We've talked, but I'm not going into what they told me!"

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