Actress Lydia Wilson brings the Duchess of Cambridge to Broadway

Actress Lydia Wilson brings the Duchess of Cambridge to Broadway

While the Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton) may have little time for anything outside of royal duties and parenting her little ones – Prince George, 2, and five-month-old Princess Charlotte – actress Lydia Wilson is bringing the style-savvy royal to the Broadway stage. King Charles III, which debuted in London's West End, imagines a time when Prince Charles has ascended to the throne and the chaos that ensues (cue the controversial Princess Diana ghost).

Lydia Wilson plays the role of the Duchess of Cambridge. Photos:
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Lydia's Kate is a fiercely intelligent feminist who has a heavy hand in the goings on at Kensington Palace. Lydia described to Vogue the process of becoming such a high-profile princess, from watching her few public speeches to slipping into her favourite heels. "And then there’s just a few mannerisms, like how she touches her ring finger over her other hand. I look at a picture of her sometimes before going onstage, and then I just sign over to her. Sometimes I really do feel like her, that she kind of comes through from somewhere."

Aside from feeling the part, Lydia certainly looks the part, right down to a replica of Princess Diana's stunning engagement ring. The 31-year-old wears her thick brown hair in the signature Duchess of Cambridge blowout and ensembles are kept simple and sleek, just like Kate's own beloved wardrobe. Standout embellishment? A Duchess-worthy black belt with silver panels. Co-star Oliver Chris tries Prince William's pressed shirts and slacks on for size.

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But how will the play be perceived across the pond? The British actress continues to Vogue: "I felt on the very first night, the first preview that we did here, that there was an uncomplicated, intelligent generosity toward the play, whereas in England I felt somewhat more on trial—guilty until proven innocent." And innocent they were. Prior to making its debut on the storied Big Apple stage on Nov. 1, the production received accolades and the Olivier Award, Britain's version of a Tony, for best new play.

Lydia has had roles in the Rachel McAdams-fronted About Time and Never Let Me Go, opposite Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. She is currently filming Star Trek Beyond. Tickets for King Charles III are available here.

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