Kate Middleton did her best Rachel from 'Friends' with red Gucci bag

Kate Middleton did her best Rachel from 'Friends' with red Gucci bag

It seems the Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton) may have taken some style inspiration from one of television's most beloved characters: Rachel on the hit show Friends. Though she's never declared her love for the series, an Australian stylist has pointed out that Kate once toted the same Gucci bag as Jennifer Aniston's beloved character.

"'Rachel and #KateMiddleton have the same red #Gucci bag! Funny what you notice w watching old reruns of #Friends," wrote the owner of the Perth Fashion Twitter account.

Kate donned the red Gucci bad in 2012. Photo: © Getty Images

The bag in question is the Monogram Canvas Horsebit Shoulder Bag/Clutch from Gucci's 1921 Collection, according to whatkatewore.com, and it originally retailed for around $1,200. The classic clutch bares the company's logo, has leather trim, gold metal detailing and a detachable chain.

Rachel from Friends with the same purse at Kate Middleton. Photo: © Warner Bros.

Kate was spotted with the bag on Nov. 24, 2012, when she and husband Prince William were at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to watch the match against New Zealand’s All Blacks team and attend a reception for the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust prior to the game.

Though the mom of two stepped out with the purse in 2012, it's likely she's owned it for a while as the episode it appeared in was 2003's "The One Where Ross Is Fine."

The Gucci bag is no longer available for purchase. Photo: StyleHive

The bag is no longer available from Gucci and an extensive search on Ebay yielded no results, making this item a difficult one to find. While the 33-year-old's outfits and accessories are known to sell out within days of her wearing them, it seems the bag was discontinued before it even had a chance of experiencing the "Kate Effect."

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