Hats off to Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

Hats off to Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

Almost four years after her husband, Willem-Alexander, was crowned king of the Netherlands on April 30, 2013, Queen Máxima continues to receive rave reviews for her dedication to the monarchy, her family and the Dutch people. As Máxima rings in her 44th birthday on May 17, she and her husband are gearing up for another busy year of engagements. First up, the royal couple will make their inaugural state visit to the United States on June 1. Their itinerary includes stops in Chicago, Michigan and Washington, where they will spend some time with President Barack Obama.

Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands has described her daughter-in-law as an “intelligent, modern woman” and most likely has little doubt that Máxima will charm the American people with her grace, sophistication and caring nature. As we patiently wait to see the stylish monarch’s parade of covetable fashions during her US tour, Hello! reveals 5 reasons why Máxima is the Netherlands’ queen of hearts. (Hint: It includes hats. Lots and lots of hats!)


She is a devoted wife. In 1999, Máxima met then-Crown Prince Willem-Alexander at an exclusive party in Seville. Three weeks later, the prince jetted off to New York City to see Máxima, who was living in Manhattan while working at Deutsche Bank. Their engagement was announced in 2001 and on February 2, 2002, the Dutch couple tied the knot at Nieuwe Kerk church in Amsterdam.

She’s raising three beautiful daughters. Princess Catharina-Amalia, 11, nine-year-old Princess Alexia and their sister, Princess Ariane, 8, are the apples of Máxima’s eye. To give their children a relatively normal childhood, the King and Queen opted to enroll them in public school. From picnics on the beach to vacationing in Tuscany, Máxima is a constant presence in her daughters’ lives and always makes sure that her queenly duties never interfere with her role as a mother.

She’s a smart cookie. When Máxima wasn’t busy studying economics at the University Catolica Argentina, she was doing research into software for the country’s financial markets. She spent some time as an English and Math teacher before moving to New York to become the Vice-President of Latin American sales at HSBC. After falling in love with Willem-Alexander, she transferred to the Brussels branch of Deutsche Bank and continues to have an invested interest in finance.

She is a passionate patron. The queen lends her support to various charities throughout her country, including the Orange Fund – a organization gifted to the royal couple on the occasion of their wedding in 2002. Through the Orange Fund, Máxima works to enhance the social welfare in the Netherlands. She is also a strong supporter of women’s rights initiatives and childhood development.

She is oh-so-very stylish. Since making her debut as a princess-in-waiting in 2001, Máxima has fashioned her way into the world’s most stylish royals posse alongside Denmark’s Princess Mary and the Duchess of Cambridge. And as Kate is known for her selection of coat dresses, Máxima’s extensive collection of millinery masterpieces are always her outfit’s pièce de résistance. From pillbox to feathers, Máxima is fearless when it comes to toppers.

Here, Hello showcases some of Máxima’s best hats!

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