John Travolta explains that awkward moment at the Oscars with Idina Menzel

John Travolta explains that awkward moment at the Oscars with Idina Menzel

John Travolta knows how to get people talking – and this year was the second time he’d set the internet aflutter post-Oscar appearance, as he presented an award with Idina Menzel and awkwardly stroked the singer’s face repeatedly.

As it turns out, however, the choreography was actually planned. “It was rehearsed in total,” the actor’s rep confirmed. “John loved working with Idina Menzel. John had a great time at the Oscars because his wife, Kelly Preston, and his daughter Ella were in attendance with him.”

CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE John Travolta’s rep has confirmed his skit with Idina Menzel was ‘rehearsed in total’

John and Idina were paired together to present the Oscar for original song to Glory singers John Legend and Common.

Idina, whose name was mangled at the 2014 awards by the Hollywood star when he called her Adele Dazeem, had her revenge when she introduced her co-presenter. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage my very dear friend Glom Gazingo,” she joked.

I deserved that, I deserve that,” John said as he came on stage and stood next to Idina, caressing her face. “But you, my darling, my beautiful, my wickedly talented Idina Menzel,” he continued, stroking the Tony Award winner’s cheeks.

“You got it, yay! You did it,” Idina said, reacting to the proper pronunciation of her name. “That was so good. It’s not like it’s going to follow me around for the rest of my life.”

Idina Menzel tweeted her thansk to John Travolta after the show

“Yeah, tell me about it,” John quipped back.

Idina took it all in her stride, and tweeted after the show, “Surprise! That was so much fun. Thank you John Travolta for being such a good sport. What an honour to be invited again. #life is good.”

Nevertheless, the moment quickly became a talking point on Twitter – and host Neil Patrick Harris even referred to the encounter at the end of the show, revealing his prediction that “John Travolta will be back next year to apologise to Idina for all the face-touching”.

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