Listen to this: New singles from Coldplay and Laura Marling

By Nicholas Jennings

Listen to this: New singles from Coldplay and Laura Marling

England has often led the world in pop music. Ever since The Beatles in the 1960s, British acts have dominated the charts and influenced popular taste in each successive decade. From glam, punk and synth to boy bands, girl groups and soul divas, English artists have always sounded fresh and vital—ready to fill the airwaves and thrill music fans all over the globe. One of England’s biggest bands is back this week, along with a songstress who ranks as one of the country’s brightest new stars.

Coldplay – “Hypnotized”

Coldplay came to fame in 2000 with its tender piano ballad “Yellow.” The band, led by singer Chris Martin, has been a dominant commercial force ever since. Its latest single is a gentle reverie from its forthcoming EP Kaleidoscope. Wistful in all the right ways, the song soars in the middle and ends on a bright, positive note, with Chris singing “It was dark, now it’s sunrise.”

Coldplay posted a GIF on its Twitter account, featuring underwater shots that accentuate the song’s twinkling piano sound.

Laura Marling – “Nothing, Not Nearly”

“I won’t forget that late September where we danced among the midnight embers, but it’s going like a half remembered dream,” Laura sings, staccato style, on her new single from her upcoming album Semper Femina. Dreamy and bluesy, the song is a passionate celebration of love.

North American fans of Laura will be pleased to know she coming here and has tweeted her tour dates, which include stops in Toronto and Montreal.

Hello music columnist Nicholas Jennings surveys the pop landscape each week to find the most dynamic tracks to add to your playlist.

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