Shania Twain music helps pump up the Dallas Stars hockey team

Shania Twain music helps pump up the Dallas Stars hockey team

Before hitting the ice, athletes like to throw on some loud and exciting tunes to get in the mood – and Sportsnet noticed that hockey players from the Dallas Stars seem to be embracing their Southern sensibilities by blasting Shania Twain to get pumped up on game day, says's Katie Brown.

When chided for more details by curious followers, she revealed part of the team's playlist, which includes classics like "Whose Bed Have your Boots Been Under" and "Any Man of Mine." The Stars have definitely aligned with some of Shania's most beloved tunes.

The Canadian superstar is no stranger to sports, having often proclaimed her love of hockey and even donned various glittering team jerseys during her 2003 Junos hosting gig. The fashion-forward uniforms included a midriff-baring take on the Montreal Canadiens and a Calgary Flames dress. She also once raided a locker room in the Lone Star State, but it wasn't off the ice. Shania stumbled upon the Dallas Cowboys headquarters, where she proceeded to refashion a jersey into a crop top.

A few months back, the Windsor native posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter from a Blue Jays playoff game in Toronto, in which she excitedly cheers for our boys in blue. Shania is enjoying some down time following her massive Rock This Country tour, which treated North America to a whopping 72 shows over five months. Aside from spectacular pyrotechnics and a rocking wardrobe, the singer rode a mini penalty box through the crowd during her performances. The tour was her first in eleven years. On August 28, she celebrated her milestone 50th birthday.

Working on lyrics... ☕️

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The mother of one revealed that she's been back in the studio working on new music, telling Hello! of her new album: "It's going to be out in my 50th year, not by my birthday! I'm making the album."

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