Mariah Carey sings with James Corden on his drive to work

Mariah Carey sings with James Corden on his drive to work

It beats listening to the radio! Mariah Carey joined new The Late, Late Show host James Corden for a busy drive to work on Wednesday (March 25). His third evening as host was already off to a great start when James put on some music and the two broke out into an impromptu karaoke session of Mariah hits.


In the funny clip, James thanks the singer for helping with his journey to work before putting the radio on – which is playing Mariah’s hit Always Be My Baby.

“I’m not singing today, I was up all night,” declared Mariah as James began to sing, but she couldn’t resist joining in with a medley of her greatest hits including Fantasy and Vision of Love.

CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGEMariah Carey joined James Corden for an impromptu karaoke session

James also took the opportunity to flirt with the newly single star while they discussed everything from her age to her chart success.

“You’re so hot. Stop it,” James said as Mariah took off her sunglasses, giving him a sideways glance and a smile. “I’m a married man. You’ve gotta stop what you’re doing, cause I know exactly what you’re doing. Oh my goodness. I can read you like a book.”

Mariah was not the only star to feature on Wednesday night’s show; actors Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell also joined him on the sofa during his first week as host.

The sketch aired during The Late, Late Show on Wednesday night

The 36-year-old made his talk show debut on Monday night and received a largely positive reception from fans and critics alike. Analysis of 41,000 tweets by social media monitoring platform TheySay detected that 88% of tweets about the show were positive, with 95% displaying happy emotions.

The praise didn’t go unnoticed by James, who tweeted his thanks to fans on Tuesday morning.

“Well so many truly lovely messages about the show blown away, thank you,” he wrote.

The Gavin and Stacey star had previously admitted that he was apprehensive about how his performance on the show would be received.

“These shows are bred on familiarity. It’s going to take a really long time to get anybody to watch it,” he told The Guardian. “To judge it on a night or a month or six months, it’s the equivalent of trying a soufflé after it’s been in the oven for ten minutes.”

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