Scorpio forecast for Friday May 07, 2021

'Don't be ridiculous... humans can't fly!' Well... that might be true today, but even this very moment, scientists are developing hover-boots that will enable us to zip through the air, thus eliminating the need to run for buses, helping us navigate cycle lanes, as well as decreasing our carbon footprint. While we wait, though, the next best thing is something we're all capable of achieving. As this weekend's potent cosmic climate lightens your heart and opens your mind, you'll be amazed by how much progress you can make.

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May 06, 2021

When a lifelong football fan disagrees with the judgment of their team's new coach, is this an example of disloyalty? When a member of a political party disagrees with their leader's latest policy, are they a floating voter? A dissenter is not insubordinate. Just because someone has unconventional views doesn't mean they want to start a revolution. You're fully entitled to your views about a controversial issue. As your ruler, Pluto, links with Venus today, you'll find supportive understanding from an unusual source. Don't give up.

May 05, 2021

Our world has changed unrecognisably from the way it was a hundred years ago. Technological advancements affect everything from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Medical advancements have revolutionised healthcare; and our waste products have, in the last fifty years, had more impact on the environment than over the last thousand. As our surroundings change, so do we. The Jupiter/Uranus link emboldens you to change your mind about something you once saw as absolute.

May 04, 2021

Adults seem hardwired to get excited about kids' developmental progress. 'Isn't she clever to be able to read already'; 'he has an amazing vocabulary for his age'. We just can't seem to resist it. Yet strangely, we assume that we grow out of growing up! Once we've reached our final height, it's presumed that our intellectual capacity is fixed too. But we continue to grow, develop, and change throughout our lives. You're in the process of acquiring a new way of imagining your future. That's something to be very excited about.

Celebrity Scorpio

Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

May 03, 2021

If someone told you that they agreed with Wallace and Gromit's views, and that the Moon is made of cheese, you'd think they were crazy. But it's harder to deal with the conspiracies that surround the Moon landing. After all, almost 60 years of detailed arguments have been carefully crafted to withstand interrogation. Whenever beliefs differ dramatically from the 'norm', we invite critical dismissal from traditionalists. As Mercury and Jupiter link, it's worth being diplomatic about a controversial idea today.

May 02, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: 'For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction'. Newton's Law of Motion is one of the cornerstones of physics. But it has parallels in human interactions too; no one is an island. The concept of karma encapsulates this perfectly: you get what you give. Fortunately, what you've blessed with is good, and what you're due will be good too. As Venus, the planet of love, links with your ruler, Pluto, as long as you put your heart into a project you'll reap a harvest of emotional satisfaction... and a romantic bonus too.

May 01, 2021

Your May Monthly Horoscope: Opinions are a bit like navels. We all have one, but no one should spend too much time focusing on it. While some people choose to display theirs, others prefer to keep them well-covered. Yet, few of us think negatively about the one we've got in the middle of our tummies! Watch out, this month, for anyone who tells you what's right and what's not. The Supermoon Eclipse encourages you to trust your insights. As long as you follow your gut, you'll find yourself on a path headed towards a brighter future.

April 30, 2021

Born Under A Bad Sign is the title of an album by blues artist, Albert King. Although he didn't compose the title song, his name was strongly linked with it. So, if anyone knew how it felt to be born 'under a bad sign', you'd think he'd know! We might expect the story of his life to read like a story of disenchantment and misfortune. But he was very successful. You were born under a very good sign! Cast away any negative expectations this weekend. With your ruling planet, Pluto, being empowered, the good times will roll.

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