Watch how Meghan Markle did her makeup when she started dating Prince Harry

By: Meaghan Wray

Watch how Meghan Markle did her makeup when she started dating Prince Harry

The moment when Meghan Markle says “I do” to Prince Harry is just a few weeks away, and her entire world is about to change. That’s why royal watchers and fans of the former actress love looking back at the days when her relationship with Harry was secretly blossoming. A video from her 2016 partnership with Uber gives the world a glimpse of the future royal’s beauty prowess – not only was Meghan able to seamlessly touch up her beauty look while on the road, but she also showed off her charming personality and an undeniably loved-up glow.

Video courtesy of Uber

Just months after the bride-to-be and her prince started dating, Meghan hopped in the back of an Uber with renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown to do some last-minute makeup touch-ups while running out to a meeting. In typical Meghan fashion, she was delightful as ever, flawlessly applying some of the designer’s then-newest products – Retouching Pencils and Retouching Wands - while chatting up a storm before hopping out of the SUV in flawless form to meet producers about a film role (“Fingers crossed,” she says!).

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While she has been vocal about her love of a natural makeup look, the former Suits star is clearly an expert at applying product. Smudging with a confident finger, she gushed over Bobbi’s new offerings as she perfected any blemishes on her face. "I don't think naturally she's a person that wants or needs or feels like she has to put on a lot,” her former makeup artist Spencer Barnes recently told Entertainment Tonight . “She's softly defined, and that's when she shines her brightest and looks her best."

You can spot the blue bracelet on Meghan's left arm. Photo: © Facebook/Bobbi Brown

But Meghan’s skin wasn’t the only flawless thing in the video. Looking chic as ever, the brunette beauty donned a pale pink blouse, black frilled skirt and a pair of what seem to be Valentino pumps. Of particular notice, though, was a certain bracelet peeking through her sleeve. Nestled among her gold baubles was a barely noticeable blue beaded bracelet, which is believed to be a gift from Prince Harry at the start of their courtship. They’ve both been pictured wearing the matching accessory, which is what initially tipped the world off that the two were dating.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, the bracelets appeared to be affiliated with World Vision Canada, a charitable organization that sells many kinds of trendy accessories to fundraise for their initiatives. Meghan has close ties with the organization, having worked with them for many years, but has since stepped down as she prepares to take on a slew of new charitable endeavours in her role as senior royal.

The two have what appear to be matching bracelets. Photo: © Getty Images, Instagram/@meghanmarkle

Now that everyone knows the dynamic duo will be married in a matter of weeks, the talk of the town is what Meghan will be wearing and how she will accessorize, from her shoes to the jewels. Could this bracelet perhaps be the “something blue” for her big day? Only time will tell.

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