Victoria Beckham reveals her least favourite Spice Girls beauty look

By: Meaghan Wray

Victoria Beckham reveals her least favourite Spice Girls beauty look

Victoria Beckham may have just launched her own beauty collection with Estée Lauder, but even she sported some questionable makeup choices over the years, namely during her Spice Girls days.

“There’s one that was the most hideous – we went to the American Music Awards and we looked like men in drag,” she recalled during the launch of her line at Selfridges in London. “We had so much makeup on, it was unbelievable. I look back at the pictures and I’m like, 'Woah!' That was a lot of makeup, we took the layering of makeup to a whole new level."

The mother of four didn’t just experience makeup mistakes, but fashion too. The Spice Girls era saw some extravagant clothing choices for Posh Spice, from her signature tube mini dresses to latex zip-up one pieces. But instead of feeling embarrassed, the designer served up some words of wisdom for anyone still feeling regret over fashion faux pas.

“I look back at the things I’ve worn in the past and it makes me smile. It’s made me who I am now and part of growing up is trying new things. Some things work, some things don’t,” said the designer.

Victoria recently debuted her 10th collection at NYFW

Victoria has been non-stop busy since her Zig-a-Zig-ah days. She’s started a family and her award-winning fashion line just showed its tenth collection at New York Fashion week earlier this month.

The beauty maven recently shared the inspiration behind a specific jewelled shoe in her S/S 2018 collection. “I was on skype with Harper the other day and I said ‘look, Harper, look at the shoe that mummy’s made for her show. And she said, ‘oh my goodness, I need that shoe, I really need that shoe!’” And just like that the Harper Slipper was born.

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