Jennifer Lopez has a seriously disciplined workout routine


Jennifer Lopez has a seriously disciplined workout routine

Jennifer Lopez's personal trainer David Kirsch doesn't let her get away with anything during their tough workout sessions. The actress and singer started off her career as a professional dancer and David likes to use her background to create a routine that makes J.Lo consciously aware of the exact muscles she is strengthening.

"Jennifer has crazy discipline during her workouts, which many people miss during at-home or in-the-gym exercise classes," he explains to Us Weekly. "She is able to focus on every single move that is given to her to ensure that she is doing it with reason and seeing results."

Jennifer Lopez trainingJennifer Lopez trains with David Kirsch

However, although Jennifer is committed and focused during the workouts, she doesn't have much time to spend at the gym. "Because Jennifer is always on set (filming her TV drama Shades of Blue), she needs a workout that can maximise her time," he shares. "That's why we do full-body training... We use simple equipment such as medium-sized free weights, medicine balls, TRX straps and resistance bands. We also do body weight exercises."

Kirsch adds: "Jennifer has a lot of energy and likes to incorporate that into our workouts. She also likes to try new things to ensure that she doesn't get bored with her fitness." But the celebrity trainer reveals his workout sessions are only half the story - his top client also eats extremely well and has done so for years. "For as long as I can remember, Jennifer's diet has always been very clean, which is key to ensuring that she stays very fit and healthy," he notes. "Think: no sugar, no processed foods and no alcohol."

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