VS Angel Martha Hunt on her current crushes: Jennifer Lawrence, ice cream and more

VS Angel Martha Hunt on her current crushes: Jennifer Lawrence, ice cream and more

Martha Hunt just got her angel wings last year, but the Victoria's Secret model quickly soared to new heights - from the Swarovski crystal-embellished show-stopper she wore during the brand's annual fashion show to a coveted membership in Taylor Swift's squad. The 27-year-old touched down in Toronto to launch the new Easy bra collection and a spicy scent called Crush.

"My favourite thing about the Crush fragrance is that it smells really floral and it’s perfect for day and night," the blond beauty gushed as we chatted about crushes of all kinds, from guys and girls to foods and beauty products.

Martha Hunt was in Toronto representing Victoria's Secret. Photo: © George Pimentel

FIRST CRUSH: A boy in school who looked like Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT!).

FOODS YOU'RE CRUSHING LATELY: Rice Krispie treats and ice cream – salted caramel from Talenti.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS YOU'RE CRUSHING: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, her makeup and her clay mask.

COOKING FOR A CRUSH: I would either cook grilled salmon or Moroccan vegetable curry. (It depends on his dietary restrictions!)

CURRENT GIRL CRUSH: Jennifer Lawrence. She just seems to really embrace who she is, she doesn’t hide who she is. I love that.

SOCIAL MEDIA CRUSH: I like this Instagram called The Academy New York, I don’t really know what they are but they have really good posts with cool images. It could be celebrity or political or cultural images, which I like to see. They curate it very well. And plenty of fashion posts.


MOST CRUSHABLE QUALITY: I love positive energy in somebody, it makes a difference, someone who has really good, radiant energy. And someone that can tell a good story, I love that. I wish I were better at doing that.

Martha Hunt launched the Crush fragrance and Easy bra collection in Toronto

FANS WHO CRUSH YOU: I’ve been sent lots of fan stuff to the agency. The artwork is usually the most surprising. There’s some good stuff for sure!

PERFECT FIRST DATE WITH A CRUSH: It could be fun to be around friends because it’s good to make you more comfortable without having to take you out one on one. So I think it’s good to do bowling or a movie with a bunch of friends because that way it doesn’t seem so serious, you have less expectation and you have buffers. And then you can ease into the dinner date with just the two of you, make it more intimate. You’ve got to create the tension.