Ellie Goulding on her love of boxing, personal heroes and the beauty products she can't live without

By Nadine Baggott

Ellie Goulding on her love of boxing, personal heroes and the beauty products she can't live without

Known for her husky voice and golden-girl looks, Ellie Goulding is also living proof that strong and healthy beat skinny, making her a great role model for the Insta-generation.

The current FLARE cover girl has sold more than 20 million records, created a colour collection for MAC Cosmetics and is now the face – or should that be hair – of Pantene. Though the self-confessed tomboy might favour jeans and Doc Martens, she still likes her hair to be healthy and her make-up perfect.

Here, she chats with HELLO! about hair and heroes, her affinity for boxing and opens up her beauty bag to reveal her must-have prodcuts.


Congratulations on becoming the new ambassador for Pantene. Does this mean that you now feel the pressure to have the best-conditioned hair ever? Since I was young, people would always comment on my hair and how good it was. That has stuck with me and I’ve always prided myself on it. That’s why when the opportunity to work with Pantene came about, it seemed like the perfect partnership.

What is your signature hairstyle? Long, textured and voluminous. Blonde.

Have you ever made any hair mistakes? I don’t go crazy with too many hair looks – I prefer classic. Once I had cornrows on stage and my fans weren’t so keen.”

Who is your celebrity hair crush?I think Beyoncé’s hair is always on point. Every single hairstyle suits her. She’s beautiful and strong.”

The singer's celebrity hair crush is Beyoncé. Photo: © Getty Images

Why do you think healthy hair is so important? My hair represents me. When it looks strong and healthy, I feel strong and healthy. It has become my signature and I’m okay with that.

Do you have any health mantras? Taking care of yourself on the inside effects how you and your hair look on the outside.”

We saw you boxing as part of the Pantene shoot and were very impressed. How long have you been doing it? I’ve been boxing for two years now. It is hard because it requires skill, focus, strength and dedication. But the adrenaline of hitting pads as though they’re people makes you work harder than perhaps you would just weight training. I would never use it unless absolutely necessary, of course...”

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How often do you work out? I try to train every day of the week with maybe a day off if I’ve done anything crazy. But the workouts aren’t insane, just enough to make me feel like I’ve achieved something and worked up a sweat. I run, do yoga and combine metabolic stuff with plyometric [jump training] stuff. It makes for a good, high-intensity workout, but keeps you agile and flexible.”

Photo: © Conor McDonnell

Who’s your hero or heroine? My Nana.

You are, of course, a very talented musician, but are there any other skills you wish you could master? To be able to dance.

What is your greatest fear? Fear of not doing everything I could have done. You just have to assume you are where you are supposed to be in this life, no matter what got you there and what you do or don’t have.

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