Coco Rocha chats baby Ioni, her beauty routine and how to be a 'chic mom'

By Ally Dean

Coco Rocha chats baby Ioni, her beauty routine and how to be a 'chic mom'

With a career that spans 14 years, Canadian supermodel and social media influencer Coco Rocha is something of a trailblazer. Now 27, she may be best known for her cheekbones and wicked “smize,” but her latest adventure as a working mom is her biggest achievement to date.

“My daughter Ioni changed the way I look at everything – right down to my makeup,” the ambassador for natural beauty brand Burt’s Bees tells Hello! “I didn’t want to worry about kissing my baby because my lipstick was toxic.” Coco, who descends on Toronto for the CAFA Awards on Apr. 15, shares her beauty routine and the secret to being a “chic mom.”

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So much has happened since we last spoke. I know! Time has flown by [Since Ioni's birth in Mar. 2015] but it’s been way more manageable than I imagined. The great thing about my job is I could ease back into work. [My husband] James and I are a lot more organized with schedules and routines but we are a tag team and work together. Plus, I get to bring Ioni with me – she might be the most well-travelled baby on the planet.

And one of the youngest social media influencers... Yeah! Ioni has her own Instagram account and some people think that’s insane – but I want to control what pictures are public. Social media isn’t for telling people what you ate for lunch – it’s to control your image, and how you want to be portrayed.

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Speaking of brands, you’re quite the beauty expert on your own social channels.
I don’t know about expert! [ Laughs] I’m that weird model, the exception to the rule, because I actually love wearing makeup on my days off. I’ll run into other models and they’ll ask if I came from a shoot because I’m wearing a smoky eye or a bold lip, but really I was just grocery shopping.

What is it you love about makeup? I love how makeup can change your whole look and your entire mood in an instant. Before I was pregnant I remember thinking, “I want to be super chic mom who has it all together.” Obviously there are days I don’t, but if I look good – Ioni is in a cute outfit and I’ve makeup on – then I look like I’m in control and it actually makes me feel better. New moms should never underestimate the transformative power of a lipstick.


So your beauty routine hasn’t really changed? When I was pregnant, I did a complete overhaul and only used products with natural formulas – I even changed my deodorant – and I never went back. I’m always kissing, hugging or touching my baby so I want to wear products that are clean. People may say that’s above and beyond – and maybe it is – but I wear so many products every day, why not try to be healthy?

Is there any advice you would give other new moms? The best advice I got was: “Don’t take anyone’s advice.” Parenting isn’t about doing things perfectly, there is no “best way” – you go on instinct. I’m going to take it as it goes, learn along the way and hope for the best.

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