The best fragrances to try this holiday season

By Sarah Kelsey and Meghan Kirkwood

The best fragrances to try this holiday season

When you're out and about over the holidays running to and from parties, a bottle of perfume in your bag means you'll always be able to freshen up on the go. A simple spritz of something sensational between events can secure your place as the belle of the ball.

Each year designers release new and exciting fragrances, ready for experimentation on each party-goer's unique skin composition. Once you find your perfect match, dab a bit on your pulse points and you're ready to steal the show. You can also extend the life of your eau de toilette by spritzing some in your hair or layering it on top of a fragranced body lotion.

We've rounded up some of the latest fragrances to help you invest in a scent that will match your spirit this season! Plus, take our quiz for more fragrance options to perfectly suit your personality...


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