What you can learn about a person from their skin

What you can learn about a person from their skin

Do you drink from a straw? Love to cuddle cheek-to-cheek with your significant other? There's so much you can learn about a person from taking a quick look at their skin - from their diet to relationship status and sleep habits. We've enlisted a few experts, Body Shop expert Dr. Terry Loong and Dermalogica education manager Charmaine Cooper, to tell us just how much our derma is dishing.

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    The eye area is the first place to show signs of aging. “Lack of sleep, pollution, stress and diet all cause the eye area to age,” says skin specialist and Body Shop expert Dr. Terry Loong. Mild allergies can also cause darkness and puffiness in the eye area. Gently apply an eye cream twice a day and invest in a statement pair of sunglasses to prevent squinting.
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    Many people don’t apply products high enough on their forehead, which can lead to premature signs of aging like dryness and fine lines. “Be sure to work your serums and creams right into your hairline,” says Charmaine Cooper, Dermalogica education manager. “Hairsprays and dry shampoo also clog pores on the forehead.” Use an exfoliant weekly and cover your forehead with a cloth when misting hairspray.

    Love cuddle time? Your face may not. Natural facial oils, not to mention products your significant other uses, can irritate your skin. Other social habits such as talking on your cell (when was the last time you cleaned your screen?) can trigger localized breakouts on the side of your face and cheeks. Targeted spot correctors or creams with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can work wonders in these areas.
    Don’t neglect to protect your ears, which are prone to sun damage and are among the six most frequent sites for basal cell carcinomas in Canada.
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    We all know smoking causes wrinkles around your mouth. But dietary habits such as eating too little protein or too many simple carbs (even drinking out of a straw!) also contribute to fine lines. “If you’re not eating well, your body becomes too acidic,” says Dr. Loong. “This causes inflammation and glycation, which result in fragile or brittle cells.” Translation? Vertical lines and creases around your mouth. A balanced diet, plenty of water and a nourishing lip treatment will keep you smiling.

    Hectic schedules, lack of sleep and spikes in cortisol (a.k.a. the stress hormone) and other hormonal shifts cause breakouts and irritation, especially around the chin. “Breakouts used to be more prominent in women who were expecting or menopausal,” says Dr. Loong. “More people are travelling and have greater pressure at work so hormonal health is becoming more important.” Focus on reducing stress and use products with calming aromatherapy properties such as lavender.

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