#HELLOwaist, goodbye corset: 5 things Carli and Ally learned from waist-training

By Ally Dean and Carli Whitwell

#HELLOwaist, goodbye corset: 5 things Carli and Ally learned from waist-training

After three weeks of successful waist-training, you’ll forgive us for getting a little cocky about our new curves. Which is why we decided, on Day 22 – the first of the final week of our 30-day #HELLOwaist challenge, a week during which we had hoped to cruise to the finish line – we found ourselves slipping into new, two-inches-smaller corsets.


As we sweated through buttoning the hooks of this new, tighter, royal-blue version, we had flashbacks to our traumatic first day of waist-training – back when our beaus had to squish us into the device.

But we survived! And before we hand over our corsets to the lineup of friends and family eager to try it, we’d like to share five things we’ve learned:

  1. Your waist may not look like Kim Kardashian’s after waist training and that’s okay! Sure, our stomachs are flatter and our curves more pronounced – especially Ally’s – but we’ll never have that famous Kardashian hourglass figure simply because our bodies aren’t made that way.
  1. Attempting this challenge with a friend will keep you on track. If we didn’t have each other (or the entire Hello! Canada office cheering us on), we would have easily quit a week in.
  1. Distract yourself. Sometimes corset training is harder when you’re sitting at your desk. We found it easier during the weekend when we could occupy ourselves with errands, cleaning and cookies.
  1. Buy a nude camisole. This will enable you to wear white shirts without co-workers and passersby spotting the band of bright blue underneath beneath and having a good giggle at your expense!
  1. Don’t feel bad if you don’t like it. The jury is still out over how effective these waist-trainers are once you stop wearing them. It’s also thought that they can restrict breathing and squish organs. And remember, this shouldn’t be a 24/7 commitment. Ruben Soto, CEO and founder of Hourglass Angel, recommends training daily for a few months at a time. And even that seems like a stretch – to be honest, we hit the wall at four weeks in.

Our verdict: While we probably won’t commit to wearing our corset for any more month-long stretches, we will keep wearing it during workouts and ahead of events.

And that’s a wrap!

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