#HELLOwaist: Carli and Ally on their first week of waist-training

By Ally Dean and Carli Whitwell

#HELLOwaist: Carli and Ally on their first week of waist-training

One week down, three to go! Here's what we're thinking after one week of waist-training, following in the footsteps of two famous corset supporters, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. (And if you're not caught up on why we're strapping on the corsetry, check out our first waist-training blog and follow the hashtag, #HELLOwaist, on Twitter!)

Ally Dean, Fashion & Beauty Editor:

The first day of waist-training I woke up as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. A self-professed lazy girl, when I heard about an article of clothing that could give you a Sofia Vergara silhouette without any exercise (seriously, ain’t no body got time for working out!), I knew I had finally found a training program at which even I could excel.

I practically leapt out of bed to get my waist trainer, retreating to my guest room to fasten it on in private (suspecting it may be a bit undignified). I was right. 17 minutes later I emerged panting, sweating but proud and in awe of my instantly slimmed waist. It was immediate and awesome, until my man walked into the kitchen and doubled over in a fit of laughter.

The next hour was spent explaining that this was not an April Fools' joke (note to everyone: don’t start waist training on April 1) - this is serious journalism and would absolutely make me fit, slim and sexy. Though, in the interest of complete honesty, the last point was called into question when I had to have my beau help me put on my socks and shoes. Seriously, day 1 and my trainer was TIGHT. My ability to bend down (or bend at all)? Non-existent.

Kim Kardashian West is a famous fan of waist-training

For the rest of the day I walked around the office feeling like a double agent. I was critical of everyone. Could my barista tell I wore a bright blue corset under my shirt? Did the mail man notice my impeccable posture when he dropped off the afternoon deliveries? I felt like the Clark Kent of One Mount Pleasant and my Hourglass Angel corset was my superman costume, giving me both power and poise.

The first day I ignored the brand’s corset advice (to ease myself into the training by wearing the band for three to four hours) and chose instead to up the intensity level because, in my mind, that would get results faster. It nearly killed me. I couldn't stop thinking about how uncomfortable I felt. My midsection was itchy, the corset was too tight and dug into my hips and ribs, which caused a dull ache after hours spent sitting at my desk. Though I admit to being lazy, I am equally determined, so I didn't take it off until a full eight hours later (even during the I-just-ate-lunch-and-feel-nauseas hour that hit mid-day). When I finally took my corset off I felt sweet, sweet relief and more satisfaction than any workout class had ever given me. I was finally able to breathe and I could slouch as the universe had always intended, on my couch with take out.

After the gruelling first day, I found the rest of the week infinitely more manageable. I’m sure this was partially because I was mentally prepared for the discomfort, but really it was because I knew Kim K was doing it; I refuse to be beaten by anything she has mastered.

By the end of week one I could fasten by corset in less than 1 minute and was getting used to dressing for my undergarment. (Read: maxi dresses and oversized smocks). My #ahamoment came on the weekend when, without any thought or intention, I was able to tighten my corset to the smaller setting. Friends, after one week I had a full inch of proof that my corset was actually working. Miracles!

With the new gusto and an already smaller waistline, who knows what week two will bring…

Carli Whitwell, Senior Writer:

My Easter long weekend is typically spent jumping from one family party to the next. Given that I started waist-training on April 1, this year that meant two turkey dinners with all the trimmings, a million Mini Eggs and one solid helping of perplexed relatives.

Waist-training – as I had to explain over and over – is a celebrity-approved practice meant to shrink inches off my sides and give me the hourglass figure that my straight-hipped, athletic shape has always denied me.

A week in (and despite the Mini Eggs slip-up), it seems to be working. From the moment my husband buckled me in on Day 1 – I’ve come a long way; I can now button my pretty purple girdle myself – I’ve felt more curvaceous. My waist feels smaller and my stomach tighter, although I’ve yet to lose any inches. I even find myself less hungry when I’m wearing it – and for a girl who is thinking about her next meal the moment she finishes one, that’s a good thing!

My biggest fear was that I would find this process really painful. There was a joke around the office that I couldn't last a week! But, to be honest, I’ve gotten used to the constant pressure around my abdomen rather quickly. That could be because, as recommended, I’ve eased myself into the process. I started wearing the waist-trainer for four hours a day and over the weekend worked up to eight hours where I’ll happily stay (no 12-day shifts for me, thank-you-very-much).

The only time it starts to bug me is when I’m sitting down at my desk for long hours. Then sometimes it’s all I can think about… that and those darn Mini Eggs...

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